[listening] What's On The Turntable?

After Bruce left Maiden in the 1990s to pursuit his solo career, I went off the band until the release of Brave New World, which in my opinion, is one of Maiden's better albums. Then I found its follow up, Dance of Death, to be disappointing. These days, I tend to listen to Maiden's greatest hits rather than their albums in full. However, I always find myself listening to Bruce's solo albums from Accident of Birth onwards in full.
Since hearing the news of his death yesterday, I've had Karl Wallinger/World Party on shuffle. Over the years I've been a massive fan of his music both with World Party and earlier, The Waterboys. My first date with my wife was at a World Party gig at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. I always thought he was the master of catchy pop with substance and soul, and looking back, many of his songs were prescient in environmental issues and the like. Of course he will always best known for She's The One, which Robbie Williams recreated and made a massive world-wide hit. If you've never heard the original, it's nigh on identical.

Loving this Album.
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream Live from Paisley Abbey

This is by far my favourite studio album by Simple Minds (it was the soundtrack to my GCSEs and A-Levels) and this live version is (chef’s kiss).

Canterbury scene titans Soft Machine on heavy rotation recently, largely because I saw them live not long ago and they were just astonishingly good. (I saw the Blockheads at the same venue a couple of weeks beforehand and they were great too though in an entirely different way). Soft Machine now led by John Etheridge who's been their guitarist from the mid-70's onwards apart from a hiatus from 78-84. Etheridge laid down two of the most incredible solos I've witnessed live in that one gig.

Something completely different - just got the CD the other day, new-old discovery for me, Doctors of Madness. Based off a recommendation from Attila the Stockbroker. Ripping stuff.

This nicely sums up the mood of this evening's D&D session - the party are forcing entry into the Dark Tower of Set in Goodman Games' Silver Edition 3rd edition conversion of Dark Tower (none of my group played the original aside from myself). Their enemies threw the kitchen sink at them (barring the senior hierarchy - holding a few nasty surprises back for our foolish intrepid adventurers later...). A bruising fight, still to be decided - next session.