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Ok, for me it's Tangerine Dream or Solar Fields for work, Enya for going to sleep and recently the Six album by Hawklords. When there has been beer, it's Led Zeppelin..
Been playing Simple Minds’ new album ‘Walk between Worlds’ a lot this week, plus trying out ‘The Rockfield Files’ by Frost* and also S.A.N.D. By Sand on the recommendation of a prog rock friend.

Aside from that, both the Atomic Blonde and Baby Driver and Stranger Things soundtracks have been on heavy rotation.
Eagerly awaiting the new Frank Turner album, have recently been listening to a lot of what it pleases Apple Music to describe as "alternative" Rock - so lots of early Talking Heads / post punk stuff from the late 1970's / early 1980's, or lots of grunge etc from the early to mid nineties... Not sure listening to Rage Against the Machine on a loop is helping curb the urge to be rude to some of my work colleagues, but it's very energetic and exciting.

Also looking forward to seeing Show of Hands at St Michael Le Belfry in York, having seen them in November in Beverly Minster.

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Given that it's the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Van Halen album I decided to treat myself to a cd copy as the vinyl's currently inaccessible in the eaves. A quick search online though revealed that for less than £3 per album I could get a boxed cd set of all 6 DLR era albums; no sleeve notes or bells and whistles but......£3 per cd?

So I'm revelling in the wonders of these great and very identifiable albums and recapturing what a truly great guitar player Eddie is/was and not just his revered lead work, his rhythm patterns and riffs are equally inventive. All in all some of the most wink wink rock ever created and done so with a knowing humour that declares that sometimes it's so dumb it's actually smart. Here we go! Air tapping.
You know I have never ever listened to Van Halen. S'ppose I better start, what is DLR era? His Docklands Light Railway busking career? ;-)
Me I'm listening to a lot of Frank Turner and counting down the days to the Southampton gig on May 1st and as Mrs Crypt Keeper has it on constant repeat the soundtrack to the musical Hamilton,, which is really great so looking forward to seeing that show in October too
You know I have never ever listened to Van Halen. S'ppose I better start, what is DLR era? His Docklands Light Railway busking career? ;-)
Sadly not a railway, though wouldn't it be cool to put a band together where the member's names were Gary Wayne Ronson, Lee Newton Everett Roberts, Laurie Michael Smyth and Shag Rocksplitter.

(Diamond) Dave Lee Roth was the original frontman and what a character; he really epitomised the dumb/smart aspect and laid the groundwork for a lot of the frontmen of US rock bands in the 80s/90s. None of them hold a candle to our Dave though.

I'll wager you've heard "Jump" though, Tom.
Given my tastes it could be almost anything but just lately it's been a heady mix of early Beck, Disturbed, and Yello's most recent album "Toy".
Revisiting an old favourite via its updated remastered version: Iggy Pop & James Williamson's Kill City.

Recorded after the Stooges came to an end, intended as a demo to get them a new record deal. Iggy did the vocals on day release from the mental institution he was booked in at the time for drugs and alcohol abuse. I've previously played this to death from the vinyl versions, and then when I went digital mp3 rips from the cd version which was a poor copy of the vinyl. Turns out that this vinyl version was a copy of a copy since the original master was lost for many years. Fast forward to 2010 and James Williamson, the guitarist on the record, gets hold of the masters and bang out comes this remastered version, with whole swathes of soundscape restored. A more melodic album than the Stooges output, but still quite caustic vocally.

Going forward in time its suddenly the early 90s again with Paul Barker's Fix This. Mr Barker was one half of the industrial band Ministry, and his solo album brings out various usual suspects from that genre as collaborators.
Working through old records today. On the turntable so far we've had The Cure's Wish (featuring Friday, I'm in Love), Blind Faith (supergroup featuring Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Ric Grech and Stevie Winwood), Lenny Kravitz's Are You Going My Way, and at the moment The Best of the Waterboys (yes, I was singing along at the top of my voice to The Whole of the Moon, but no one could hear me so who cares!)
After admiring the bleak and beautiful soundscapes of Joy Division's first lp Unknown Pleasures, I felt in need of something more up beat.
So off it was to old favourites, those funk japesters Primus ,via Frizzle Fry, Sailing the Seas of Cheese, and the awesome remastered singles collection "They can't all be Zingers", before sampling some of Col. Claypool's solo efforts, such as "Of Whales and Woe" which this toe tapping number originally featured: