[generic] What rpgs have you read recently? (redux)

As part of my 'brush up your Italian in case we're ever allowed overseas again' initiative, I've acquired two of my favourite RPGs in Italian in the hopes that they're more interesting than the usual study material. Why didn't I think of this before?

So I am now reading through Cepheus Più Veloce Della Luce! (Cepheus Faster Than Light) and Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Edizione Italiana (which you can probably guess), with the originals on hand for checking my understanding as necessary.

I expect an entertaining rerun of the early 80s when I first started learning the language from reruns of Star Trek The Original Series on Italian TV and Mickey Mouse comics that were lying around - that gave my early vocabulary an interesting slant...


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Not sure if the updated version is any better but the earlier editions had some badly broken mechanics. Brilliant ideas though.
I've got Gold and Gold Revised. I'm not sure what they've changed and I've never been able to fully test the mechanics so not sure - the core mechanics are fairly neat -- it's the meaty subsystems that cause trepidation.

As a game it's probably the one I get most excited about and inspired by, but the level of buy-in required from all the players is a barrier. Determined to get a short scenario and at least the Core mechanics to the table at some point though.
I've been nosing around the dusty corners of my data storage, reading a few old games I've neglected for a while. This week it's been Simply Roleplaying! and Pocket Universe, both quite short and relatively simple semi-generic systems and both slightly incomplete.

SR! was part of the PlainLabel system, three games going from roleplaying to individual combat to skirmishes and battles, retaining compatibility, but sadly the publisher is effectively defunct so we'll not see the promised supplements for supers, fantasy etc.

PU is still supported, albeit painfully slowly, but has probably gained more attention in its role as the system underlying Jeff Dee's Tékumel RPG, Béthorm.

Not sure why I find games like these of more interest than a lot the big budget, well-supported lines in vogue at the moment. Probably because they're cheap 😁


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Big Jack Brass said:
PU is still supported, albeit painfully slowly, but has probably gained more attention in its role as the system underlying Jeff Dee's Tékumel RPG, Béthorm.
How did you find PU?
I quite like the simplicity of Béthorm and I keep hovering over the "buy" button.
How did you find PU?
I quite like the simplicity of Béthorm and I keep hovering over the "buy" button.
It's a solid, straightforward system with several nice touches, such as the way that damage leans towards the average for each particular weapon from a single die roll. It isn't likely to get anyone terribly excited, but for those who favour the "system gets out of the way" school (and won't get upset that the game doesn't cover everything) it's worth a look.

There's a fantasy setting called Quicksilver which I rather like, too. Again, don't expect lots of depth as it's fairly short and only Béthorm has the space to really do much with the rules. The main problem with Béthorm on the other hand is that it devoted too little space to Tékumel itself, but I guess we have the sourcebook for that.
Tried to read Mythras which is a bargain at £21 for print+pdf right now on Drivethru. Or it would be for someone with better eyes than mine. The font is too small so I'm going to need stronger glasses or figure out how to zoom a pdf then still fit it on a page, even if it means bigger page count. Doh.

Is Runequest 6 the same game? Numbers filed off? Cover is nigh on the same as near as dammit and the authors are the same. More importantly does that have a font size my eyes can focus on? Or is it just me being too much like Mr Magoo these days :(
Hmm. Well I guess I could copy the text into word at a bigger font size. These days anything smaller than 12pt have me reaching for the specs.

I've had a few people commenting after seeing my kindle that the font size reminds them of those Peter and Jane got to the <insert place, like pet shop or shops> because its so big they could read it from the international space station 🤔🙄
A bit of history: Design Mechanism was contracted to write the 'new' Runequest game and came up with RQ6. It wasn't what the crew that owned the Issaries trademarks for RQ really wanted so they terminated the project leaving TDM with a set of rules and a stack of settings for RQ6. Thy rebadged RQ6 as Mythras and have been slowly changing trade dress from RQ6 into Mythras. TDM have a large range of settings available for play so if the level of 'crunch' is within your tolerance Mythras is a great system. Available settings are Thennla by Jonathan Drake continuing from the Monngoos editions, Monster Island (a tribute to some old RQ settings), Mythic Britain and Logres (pseudo-Arthurian Cornwall style Britain and the Saxons). There's Mythic Rome, Mythic Constantinople, Mythic Babylon in the pseudo Earth settings. There's M-Space for sci-fi, Luther Arkwright based on Bryan Talbot's graphic novels. After the Vampire Wars for a modernish game. Upcoming is Mythic Polynesia and Mythic Greece. There are several scenario booklets for many of the settings and a free Mythras Imperative which is the free starter booklet that has a slightly cut down version of the rules and powers several of the associated Mythras Gateway products (stuff that is not published by TDM but uses the ruleset).
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Right on Nigel! :) Mythras is Mythras and way beyond its RQ roots.

Now that RQ Glorantha is back, strictly speaking, that's what RuneQuest is. You might not like it, based on various factors, but that's the hard literal case.

Also, OpenQuest has diverged significantly from its "Tribute to RQ" days in OQ1 & 2 days. My take on when I'm writing stuff for it these days is to be deliberately different and try to bring something new to the table, which still has a familiarity to older players. if I didn't I'd be boring myself :)