[listening] What podcasts do you listen to?

Some of the BBC ones - Friday Night Comedy, and sometimes the Thinking Allowed one.
Other than that its a mix of gaming and personality systems stuff - so things like Mage and Changeling podcasts, and Personality Hacker.
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Dear Joan & Jericha - it's absolutely foul as you'd expect from anything from Julia Davis but hilarious.

Nothing to do with RPGs mind you.
Just finished listening to the BBC's entirely excellent The Shadow over Innsmouth podcast.

I appreciate it is common usage and I'm not really having a go at you, Steveh, you just happen to be the person who said it.

Is this a podcast or an audio drama? I've always thought of podcasts as being more audio non-fiction as opposed to serialised fiction. As a new term I'm sure the definition is in flux.
Good question - it's an episodic audio drama, released as a podcast (and I listened to it with my podcast app).

The conceit of the show is that they are podcasters, getting caught up in something Lovecraftian. But definitely fiction, as opposed to a podcast about something factual.

If the definition of a podcast is that it has a podcast feed, then this counts.
Not strictly speaking a podcast as it's a radio programme, but available to listen on the BBC website (for now anyway) :


Radcliffe and Maconie interview Rhianna Pratchett and Charlie "Fast Show" Higson about Fighting Fantasy game books. Some interesting discussion about the technical issues in writing one. Starts at 2hrs 25m.
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Started listening to the Californian Century (BBC Sounds but also on podcast feeds). It's the story of modern Hollywood in the style of a Movie Screenplay.


I'm also excited that the Revolutions podcast is about to restart and is expected to run for at least all of 2021. The Russian Revolution awaits...
I don't listen to that many podcasts and I don't listen to any gaming ones at the moment.

I do listen to Personality Hacker, which is about Myers Briggs, the Enneagram, and so on (recently been touching more on Jung's actual writing because they've been talking with a chap who's just finished his own interpretation of the cognitive functions that Jung talked about).

Whore School, which is "adult sex education" and often goes into the science and psychology of why we do stuff - I think the last episode was about the myth of the alpha male and how the term came to be coined, and the actual studies into wolves that eventually disproved the idea.

I listen to the BBC Comedy ones, if there's something worth listening to there, Thinking Allowed (again a Beeb one),

I do have Critical Role to listen to - but haven't started yet, and some World of Darkness ones (which again I haven't started listening to). I'll be adding First Age's podcast to that list and making more of an effort to actually listen to them. (I want to start podcasting too, and was wondering about doing something on Changeling, Wraith, and maybe Demon as the sort of underdogs of the World of Darkness in terms of their popularity at the time).

I want to do some writing set in Byzantium (essentially, I want to collide Harry Dresden and Marcus Didius Falco and write investigative urban fantasy novels set in Byzantium), and I'll be checking out that history podcast for more info in addition to the plethora of books I have to read on the subject.
Check out The Reservoir Tapes, by Jon McGregor. It’s a BBC drama. Each episode from a different character’s POV following the disappearance of a girl. https://t.co/QDxCSJnSXB?amp=1

The BBC is also doing the novel - Reservoir 13 - which is linked to it starting this week. The first episode hooked me immediately.

I listened to that when it was broadcast and thought it was a very clever conceit.
I've started listening to Critical Role and the History of Byzantium, thanks to being able to listen to Podbean offline while I'm on the tram.

I'm not really a D&D fan, but I'm very much enjoying Critical Role for its silliness and the fact that it's not all story - its nice to hear people rolling dice and talking about the rules aspect... I hate to admit it but its already making me think of cool characters to play.
I've fallen off most of my gaming podcasts lately, replacing them with political shows which reinforce my biases ( ;) ) - I didn't listen to Remaniacs but its evolution into Oh God What Now is providing some good discussion of the overall mess we're currently in. Sister show The Bunker has been even better, I think, with a range of good interviews with authors etc over the last year.

I'm spurred to post in this thread, though, by hearing Mark Galeotti on Monacle 24's The Foreign Desk (talking about Putin, Navalny, etc of course). Maybe one day he'll be able to get back to the fascinating idea he had for a clockpunk Italy game (was it going to be for Wordplay?)
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1510 was great. He and I had a challenge to see who could release their book first. Neither of us are winning.
Just listened to Demonizing Dungeons & Dragons, one of Tim Harford’s Cautionary Tales (the whole series is excellent, but this one is all about the 1980s satanic panic.

As a freeformer, I was intrigued to hear about the wargame set in 1806 in the fictional Prussian town of Braunstein that sounds just like a freeform. It was played by Dave Arneson and preceded Dungeons & Dragons...

I played in one of these types of games in a combo PBM/FTF campaign back in the late Seventies. Based in a pseudo-medieval world everyone had a home base ranging from a small county to a larger country. Players were international with several UK players being later additions and thus having small home bases. Referee/Game Master was an American over here on assignment for a major international shipping company. Our part in the game folded when he returned to the US. Not to mention almost all of us smaller kingdoms had been swallowed up by then. It played as a cross between Tony Bath's Hyboria and Diplomacy.
In some ways Braunstein games are the epitomé of indie games, and OSR rulings not rules.. as I said Ur game
Just finished the first of the BBC Lovecraft investigations The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Set in the modern day as an investigative podcast explores the disappearance of Ward, it’s a great audio drama released in podcast format. Next up The Whisperer in Darkness.