[listening] What podcasts do you listen to?

What Would The Smart Party Do - a couple of mates who can talk about games for England. Jovial with some great guests and affirming that Earthdawn is the best rpg in the universe.

Good patter.

Thanks to Dom's thread here I have just downloaded Podcast Addict, so will be loading up with suggestions!
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Ironically, I've not listened to podcasts for the last month or so, because I'm working my way through the 27-hour epic that is The History of the Silk Roads on Audible. I'll have a break from Audible once I've finished that and binge on the various podcasts.
I am now on episode 7 of the curious case of Charles Dexter Ward. Rendering it as a modern day mystery podcast is an excellent conceit. It's very scary. Even though I almost certainly have read the original decades ago and despite the fact that I know my Mythos well enough to know you should not be reciting strange charms from strange leather-bound books.. I genuinely feel empathic fear for the protagonists.

Well done the BBC.
So, having finished The Silk Roads (which I whole-heartedly recommend), I've dived back into Revolutions which is presently all about the Mexican Revolution. I've certainly learnt a lot, and it's been made more interesting as places that I travelled to during my one (work) visit to the country have been mentioned. I think there are a couple more episodes, then a short break, and then we start the Russian revolution. I may well listen to Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel before that to build up a backlog to binge through.

I also listened to Limetown Series 2 which was a little disappointing, and I found the ending a bit of a letdown. I was going to pick up the prequel novel, but it's been roundly slated. Apparently this is being picked up by Facebook Watch, but I don't think that I will be rushing to see it. I may listen to another series, but that may well be unlikely as it's jumping media format.
Currently listening to Serial season 3, which is taking a year long look at the American courts in Cleveland, Ohio. Sad, frustrating and fascinating.

Also listening to Crimetown season 2 which is covering Detroit this season. You can binge the lot on Spotify or pick it up week by week through the usual routes

Excited that the Revolutions podcast is starting season 10: this time it’s the Russian revolution. it may be the last season. Definitely worth getting into. I think @Ezio and the @Guvnor would enjoy this.
Just started listening to 13 Minutes to the Moon from the BBC World Service. It’s a tale of the things behind the astronauts and the challenges of the first moon landing.

It’s in 12 parts and definitely worth a look.

Just blasted through the whole of The Hurricane Tapes over the last week on the commute. I’d never seen the Denzel Washington film or heard the Bob Dylan song about Reuben ‘Hurricane’ Carter and John Artis’s double conviction and release from a triple murder charge in 1966.

Really interesting interviews and unreleased material done well. The World Service is seeming to nail podcasts.

I don't get to listen much, and my podcast tastes are all gaming-related so far, but my go-to casts include The Grognard Files & What Would the Smart Party Do for general game goodness, Paint all the Minis to scratch my miniature itch, a selection of Savage Worlds related ones including The Wild Die, Savage Interludes, Savage Cast and Star City Savages, and I listen to The Crusader Podcast because I still have a soft spot for Castles & Crusades.

Actually, looking at that list, I suppose I do listen to a fair bit.
Music Exists
Wish you could recreate the experience of walking into the record shop in High Fidelity but can’t go out? This enjoyably geeky music pod from the Ringer can take you there, with hosts Chuck Klosterman and Chris Ryan mulling over such pressing questions as “what’s the best song ever?”
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This was my first wake up call to get back into RPGs when I came across it at the start of last year. I still love listening to it while gardening and it has been the main reason for me to start a gaming group here in Aichi.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

This was recommended by a friend and I have dipped into the Renaissance before starting in Greece. I love the brevity of each episode with heavyweight ideas presented in a clear and fun style.

Sweden Rolls
Really fun mostly Free League focused role playing with great voice acting. I have really enjoyed Forbidden Lands and Coriolis episodes as well as a series of interviews with the movers and shakers in the Swedish role playing revolution.

In Our Time
I cannot figure out if this show is still going, but I often return to the archives to check out if there are topic I would love to hear mor in depth discussion of. Great dissections of deep topics by experts in their respective fields, science, literature, authors, events and so on are some of the things discussed.

Good Friends of Jackson Elias
Most of the time the sensibilities of the hosts and the pop cultural references in this horror and Call of Cthulhu heavy podcast are similar to my own experience that I it is a very comfortable listen, while serving as excellent preparation for Lovecraftian Keeper preparation. Skipping the “singing” parts is highly recommended on the older recordings.

Members of the HPHLS discuss the vast correspondence of HPL in some depth. His letters offer great insight into the nature of the author and his letters are often as out there as his stories in the tales and images conveyed.

Mud & Blood
Good interviews with role play game creators and analysis of their games, usually in two parts. I got into this show because the presenters are into their WFRP, and I was researching for my own GMing. On this podcast I have discovered some great systems, and heard of the concepts behind them directly from their creators, eg. Mothership.

Dammit the list goes on and time to write a blurb do each one wanes. The rest in no specific order:
Into the Darkness
Confessions of a Wee Timorous Bushi
Breakfast in the Ruins
What Would the Smart Party Do?
Old World Podcast
Ain’t Slayed Nobody
Visitations with Elijah Wood
As far as gaming programmes are concerned I can pitch in:

The Adventuring Party who bring a perspective from the Republic of Ireland.

Plot Points whose self imposed geas is to "Take Gaming Seriously", which they do while not taking themselves too seriously.

The Rolistes live from a Belgian in London. Has an interest in film as it inspires gaming.

And if you want an overview of first edition Earthdawn source material you can try Live from Barsaive.
Just discovered The Corona Diaries in which H (Steve Hogarth from Marillion) chats and does readings from his diaries with his friend Ant. Fascinating.

I'm seven episodes into this now and have ended up supporting the pattern. Absolutely fascinating ramble, with the diaries and a completely different view on being a pop/rock star. The diaries are around the 1991 Holidays in Eden tour at the moment, but the discussion ranges all over.


You can get this on iTunes, Overcast and all the usual ones.
Listening to Season 2 of 13 Minutes to the Moon, which is covering Apollo 13 this time. Absolutely fascinating stuff.
Listening to Season 2 of 13 Minutes to the Moon, which is covering Apollo 13 this time. Absolutely fascinating stuff.
Watched a documentary on Disney+ last night about the Apollo programme in general; was really good. I loved the first season of 13 Minutes. Will definitely be checking the new one out.
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