[listening] What podcasts do you listen to?

My journey to work takes 35-40 minutes (if the gods of the A1M/M1 are kind) so I often listen to podcasts. These are the ones that have or are delighting.

Ones I sporadically listen to or have finished listening to.

The History of Rome (170 odd episodes!) - Mike Duncan takes us on a journey through the history of Rome from its founding through to the effective collapse of the west in 475AD. This is great stuff - some of the parts just before the fall of the Republic as the demagogues and populists took power left me with shivers when I compared them to what's happening the USA and UK today. There's a tie in book; The Storm before the Storm which is apparently rather good too. I recommend this; ignore the episode count, because if you love it, you'll be said when it ends.

The Moth - collections of short talks by people about their lives and events. I like to dip in and out of this.

Limetown - fiction in the X-Files style. A radio reporter is following up the disappearance of 300 people from a small company town in Tennesse. This was great and I'm please to have found out that a second series is coming soon.

The Message/LifeAfter - another drama series. The first season features cryptologists tryng to decypher, decode and understand an alien message with an embedded reporter. The second season (only linked obliquely) has the dead coming back to life. Or rather, people receiving new messages from loved ones who had posted to an audio based social media website. It follows a low level FBI clerk who has lost his wife in a car crash and suddenly hears something that shocks him. I found The Message easier to approach than LifeAfter, but enjoyed both.

Unexplained - Richard MacLean Smith's podcast on strange and mysterious real life events. Very hit and miss. Some great episodes that I think could easily be mined for ideas for RPGs, and some episodes which really left me wondering why he'd bothered. It's still live, and I will listen to the next series. The pacing/music is a bit jarring too.

Crimetown - a series on American organised crime (think Steve Ellis pointed me at this). Season 1 was all about Providence, Rhode Island, and I found it pretty interesting. Production values are good although a little too much like American TV for me. There's a new season coming.

Capital - a black comedy that parodies Brexit with a referendum where the UK population narrowly vote to bring back the death penalty in a close referendum. It follows the civil servants who have to implement it. I could easily imagine this on Radio 4, except it's maybe a little too controversial.

I have enjoyed The Coriolis Effect but am growing cold to it now as I think that it needs some editorial control. The episode length was spiralling upwards and it was starting to ramble. I think I'll give a few more episodes a go. It's about the Coriolis RPG if you hadn't guessed...

Fictoplasm - Ralph Lovegrove and friends discuss fiction and RPGs. I have really enjoyed some of these, but wish the audio quality was better. It gets a brownie point for introducing me to Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books. My eldest loved them. I do disagree with the views on the Southern Reach, but I may have to reread the books again to see if I maintain that position. Seems to be on hiatus at the moment? Definitely one I will keep listening to.

Current rotation

I'm currently regularly listening to:

Revolutions. Mike Duncan's current project, charting the history of revolutions. It starts with the English Civil Wars, then the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, the South American Revolutions (Bolivar) and currently the revolutions of the years 1848. Absolutely fascinating. I have learnt a lot about history from this; even topics I thought I knew like the English Civil Wars. I can't recommend this highly enough.

A History of Byzantium. Picking up from where the History of Rome left off, Robin Pierson is charting the Eastern Roman Empire from 476AD to 1453AD. I binge blocks of these episodes. This is pretty much all new for me, and fascinating. There is a summary episode that lets you join it if you haven't listened to the History of Rome podcast.

A Podcast to the Curious - the MR James Podcast - this is a fun podcast that is working its way through MR James' canon of ghost stories. Quite light hearted in presentation, I'm enjoying this and re-reading the stories along with it.

I've just started Serial and am 3 episodes in. This is exploring the story behind a murder in Baltimore in 1995. Pretty fascinating stuff.
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I have no idea how you fit all of this into your life Dom!

Driving to work. 80 mins of dead time a day.

Plus, if you use a decent podcast app like Overcast, you can slightly speed up podcasts by compression of silence in the broadcast. I only have this giving a 10% reduction, but it helps.
Ken and Robin Talk about Stuff

Grognard Files

Hi-phi Nation

Philosophy Bites

Social Science Bites

Why we Argue

Rationally Speaking

Thinking Books

Philosophy 24/7

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Wood Talk
Driving to work. 80 mins of dead time a day.

Plus, if you use a decent podcast app like Overcast, you can slightly speed up podcasts by compression of silence in the broadcast. I only have this giving a 10% reduction, but it helps.
Yes I use 110% on Podcast Addict to snap up the speed.
Now I could list my podcasts, but why don't I let you import them?
Nah, that's mean..

New Statesman
In Our Time
Grognard Files
Dragon Talk
The Wild Die
oh and some others are there but I actually don't listen to them..


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Ken & Robin talk about stuff two super knowledgeable guys talking about largely about RPGs, though meandering into books, cinema and food quite often. Episodes largely revolve around the concept 'this is interesting, how do I make it gameable?'

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History interesting bits of history told in an engaging and accessible way.

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias Mythos game focused as the title suggests but also encompasses other horror game. If you like Call of Cthulhu or it's derivatives this is the podcast to listen to. A British podcast which makes a nice change, and if you've ever been to Concrete Cow you've met the hosts.

The Grognard Files a nostalgic look on UK British gaming of the 80s. Entertaining and unpretentious. Although I'm probably 10 years junior to the hosts so I don't always have the same reference points, as someone who came back to RPGs after nearly 20 years this strikes a chord.

On the Shoulders of Dwarves largely a RPG advice podcast which I've recently started listening to. They offer some pretty good advice, their enthusiasm is catching and their Israeli accents. (It's nice to hear different voices now and again!)

One Shot actual play RPG sessions by talented improvisational actors. Not every game interests me but when it's good it's good. Check out the Cthulhu Dark one -it's hilarious.
I am subscribed to loads of podcast on on iTunes. Many don’t actually get played, sadly. I’m a fan of actual play, if the performers are good at getting into character and the system interests me. So OneShot is always good for the first part, and I choose which ones I listen to based on the system. I think Campaign is excellent, if quite anarchic.

She’s a Super Geek highlights some wonderful games - I enjoyed the recent game of Tension, even though I’m not sure I’d ever play it.

Lore you Should Know on Dragon Talk is often the best kind of super-knowledgeable people discussing something about D&D and the Realms in depth. And the interviews are often with interesting people who are doing things in the D&D community.

Obligatory KARTAS, though I often feel bad that I never do anything with the amazing plot hooks and game ideas they talk about.

Moving away from games, there’s a new Vorkoisigan saga discussion/read through show, The Vorkosicast, on the Tosche Station Star Wars network. It’s got me listening to Vorkosigan audio books again which has been great.

And of course I listened to the erudite musings of Dr Mitch on the latest What Would the Smart Party Do?
I listen to podcasts whenever I'm in the car. The vast majority have role playing as their subject in some way but AP also leave me cold.
Fantastic thread Dom, and I have subscribed to the history threads you have recommended. Funny really, I never even thought that stuff would exist as a podcast. Need to open my thought process somewhat! I will also give a safe for work rating.

RPG wise I listen to:
The Good Friends Of Jackson Elias (I am a patreon backer) NSFW - often has loads of F bombs.

Savagecast - Approx Running Time 45mins was month;y, now much more infrequent. Two US convention GMs talking about Savage Worlds, with news, tips,rules Q&As, and up and coming US conventions. SFW

The Secret Gaming Cabal (see below in boardgaming) channel also has two RPG podcasts in their main feed (ran by at least one of the Cabal with some of their RPG friends):
Lords Of The Dungeon - a monthly chat about what they played, and reviews of systems/supplements/ game styles. Mainly focused around D&D 5e, but they do play Fate and Savage. SFW
Dungeon Masters Ludos - only just started, a monthly chat, this is a show dedicated to DM tips, system agnostic. SFW based upon listening to one episode!

Boardgaming wise:
Dice Tower News (I am a patreon backer)- Approx Running Time 15mins a weekly show about events that week in the boardgaming world, plus mentioning some up and coming Kickstarters . SFW

The Dice Tower (I am a patreon backer)- Approx Running Time 90mins there are to shows reviewing games, running on alternate weeks, Tom Vasel(the Dice Tower founder) & Eric Summerer one week, Suzanne Sheldon & Mandi Hutchison the alternate week. SFW

Board Games Insider - a monthly(ish) {often longer gaps)Approx Running Time 30mins show by Ignacy Trzewiczek(Portal Games CEO and main games designer) and Stephen Buonocore( Stronghold Games CEO) talk about the boardagems industry, from financial reports, to the new hotness, to what they have been doing with their companys.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names - Approx Running Time 90mins a biweekly show, very casual in style, I find them highly amusing, almost a bit like 'The Odd Couple Talk About Board Games'. Again more boardgame, kickstarter hotness. SFW

The Secret Gaming Cabal Approx Running Time 200mins - this biweekly show is a group of up to 6 guys chatting about games they have played, in depth game reviews, industry and kickstarter news. It normally runs over 3 hours in length, so gets me through many car journeys to work to listen to it all. The bad thing is that they are loads of them on there, although that is also the good thing, as you get so many different POVs. NSFW - Only very occasionally is it NSFW, but does have some mild profanity on.
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Check out The Reservoir Tapes, by Jon McGregor. It’s a BBC drama. Each episode from a different character’s POV following the disappearance of a girl. https://t.co/QDxCSJnSXB?amp=1

The BBC is also doing the novel - Reservoir 13 - which is linked to it starting this week. The first episode hooked me immediately.
Check out The Reservoir Tapes, by Jon McGregor. It’s a BBC drama. Each episode from a different character’s POV following the disappearance of a girl. https://t.co/QDxCSJnSXB?amp=1

The BBC is also doing the novel - Reservoir 13 - which is linked to it starting this week. The first episode hooked me immediately.
I shall give this a whirl as I drive around over Easter.
Just started listening to The Adventure Zone podcast right from the beginning.

Most actual plays are a bit dull with bad editing, awkward players etc but this one a spin-off from a comedy podcast is really entertaining.
"In our first 'real' podcast episode (after last week's pilot) of Morrus Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk we take a look at the two upcoming official D&D adventures - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and Dungeon of the Mad Mage. We cover the weekly RPG news, including the Diana Jones Award nominees and the Origins Award winners, play our favourite game in all the world, "Guess The Kickstarter From Just The Title", talk a little about Free RPG Day, answer your GM Advice queries, and introduce for your bafflement and mockery our take on Monty Python's "Cheese Shop" Sketch. Plus a contest, where you might win a shiny copy of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Enjoy!"
Not killing anyone's buzz, but I can't listen to Actual Plays. It's a very popular format but not for me.


There are APs of games I’ve written
There are APs of adventures I’ve written

There’s at least one multi part epic of a whole CAMPAIGN I’ve written.

I’m grateful, trust me.


I’ve tried to listen to them. I’ve tried to like them. I just can’t.
My current podcasts list as an importable OPML file.


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