[watching] What have you viewed recently? (II)

We watched the new Beverly Hills Cop film that was released exclusively to Netflix. It was a nostalgic and fun ride, with returning familiar faces, and all the tropes you'd expect from the franchise.

Definitely (says he who has the complete box set on DVD). What others have said - Brian Blessed as Augustus, perhaps not the most historically accurate depiction, especially is a tour de force, playing him as the most powerful man in Rome, whose relatives run rings around him. As Nathan points out, the TV series shows a very different aspect from the books it is based on because it focuses on the individual characters. It's from the period in the 70s when the BBC Drama department had a commitment (and funds) to do a new series every six months or so. Grab the books for some holiday reading, and you are in for a treat. They are very different because they are more big-picture and told as personal histories by Claudius.