[shopping] What have you splurged on recently? (continued)

To support the good folks at Kobold Press, though I stopped all new purchases of Dungeons and Dragons, just yesterday I ordered for delivery from USA the adventure booklets, so "Underground Lairs" for use with my existing "Empire of the Ghouls" campaign, and all the creature one-shot adventures for my Tome of Beats, Creature Codex, etc.


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I spotted this for about £12 on Amazon in the alternative vendors. It’s second hand but you’d never know it. So after a further £3 postage I have a copy of the Expanse RPG to explore. Took nearly a month to arrive though as it was a US bookstore and Christmas intervened.
I might have bought two Conan campaigns, the Book of Skelos and all the cards. Now I really am going to run it
At this rate, looking at what is left, come the fire sale, there will be few desirable Conan RPG books left.

I bit the bullet and rather than wait, purchased four more sourcebooks just as backups to share with Players in my regular Black Coast adventuress. These are Conan the Pirate (for Argos and Zingara), Conan the Mercenary for Shem (faux Judea plus mass combat), Conan the Brigand for Turan (my primary baddies, plus Zamboula cannibals), and obviously, Conan the Adventurer for Stygia and The Black Kingdoms.


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I’d kind of given up hope of Odious Uplands ever arriving, but it has and it looks excellent.

Vaults of Vaarn is a Dying Earth feel desert world that I think may well blend with UVG quite well.

The sun is dying and the wreckage of countless eons litters the parched wastes of Vaarn, the desolate country that common folk call the blue ruin.

It is said that these sky-coloured sands hide the graves of the Autarchs; have swallowed the buried arcologies in which the true seed of humankind was preserved through the Great Collapse; conceal forgotten crypts of memory, decaying crystalline lattices of ancient ego-engines upon which the dusk-blue dunes encroach without pity. From the New Hegemony to the south come drifters and dreamers, desecraters of the tech-tombs that lie sunken beneath the azure wastes. Light-years overhead, aurum-sailed ships ply their tender routes between the spheres, and miles below a pilgrim's feet, strange wombs are kindled once more with life undreamed of.

These are the hinterlands, where humanity's great works have fallen to everlasting decay, where machine and animal and fungus think to crown themselves our equal. The phthalosands, where newbeasts hunt proudly with boots upon their hind paws and chromepriests chant unending binary devotions to their nameless synthetic god.

Only the desperate or the mad would seek to make a life here, to roam the blue desert in search of the secret VAULTS OF VAARN.
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