[shopping] What have you splurged on recently? (continued)

I'm eager to hear how you solve the issues; I found Chariot of the Gods (in QuickStart mode) poorly structured to find key info, and felt the same with the second book (well, box set). However, I do want to get them to the table.
They're memorable, but need a fair bit of work to get to the table. I found Destroyer of Worlds particularly tough - so many moving parts. (I wrote a review of that as well - but after I ran it, so I included the changes I made.)


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I doubt I will ever play/run Mythras*, but I do love their settings. Rather like GURPS 3E, though I did play/run quite a bit of that in the '90s. Anyway, Mythic Gwynedd is coming soon (a.k.a. the Most Important RPG Book ever), so I finally pulled the trigger on Mythic Britain in dead tree format. Had the PDFs for ages, but never really read them.

* As a marked improvement over RQ3 it would have been my main jam in the '80s, but now I play exclusively online or at cons and I need faster, simpler systems.
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While I'm not sure I like the amount of bookkeeping d100 Space requires I do want to invest in solitaire Sci-Fi RPG titles so I can hopefully see more of them in the future:

I'm also equally excited that my full color copy of the revised Mythic Dynamic Role-Playing book has arrived:
The previous Mythic books, Dynamic Role-Playing and the Gamemaster Emulator (which was just the GM emulation bits from the larger title) had not only shoddy artwork but completely inappropriate & sexist artwork. Now they've been redone with gorgeous full-color art that also works in the context of the material. Was happy to re-buy the title as I was a vocal proponent of the author updating the artwork.

Sometime next week a couple of Modiphius titles will plop on my doorstep so I will make the browser walk-of-shame back to this forum then.
I may be at that stage of retirement in the shadow of late stage Capitalism, and instead of chasing the next new thing, I just seem to recycle and collect special editions of regular books I already own. And the worst of it, is paying higher prices than regular books just for the privilege of a limited run of different covers.

Anyway, here is the "Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path", first ever AP published for Starfinder.

And then the "Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path" on its 10th anniversary but converted to 2nd Edition of Pathfinder.

starfinder_dead_suns_special_edit_819023295689605.jpg pathfinder_2e_kingmaker_special_edit_818933006547431.jpg
Lex Arcana, obviously, the empire without end.

Because the British offer was better with the adventure Compendium (including maos if Roman Britain), I chose that combo on Kickstarter, and so had to purchase the core book on its own in Ireland (Publisher is Italian, and Ireland is the EU friendly English port).