[shopping] What have you splurged on recently? (continued)


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Forged in the Dark implies team play, is my expectation. Have they tweaked it to bind the PCs together with the team/group/gang rules while still plotting against each other? That sounds like a nice twist. It's the sort of thing that Monsterhearts needs to stop PCs going bananas on each other in the first session (not that I would ever have played in our run any games like that, naturally).
I’ll let you know when I read it. I think this is more like you being a group from one of the houses operating against others.

If you want the PVP version, the Sword, the Crown and the Unspeakable Power (SCUP) is the way to go and excellent.
Slightly to my surprise, I grabbed the D&D Starter Set cheap from Amazon this week, to go with the Essentials Kit that I already have.

The vague idea I have is run a combined Phandelver/Icespire Peak campaign, for the newbies in the hordes demanding D&D at the new games club I'm helping to start up.

My next plan is to run Into The Borderlands, the Goodman Games 5e reworking of the classic B1 and B2 modules. I picked that up a few months ago along with The Lost City (B4 reworked), mostly out of nostalgia to be honest.

I have a feeling that D&D will feature heavily in my Wednesday night games until the club is firmly established.