What comes after the Nights of the Rolling Dice?



I have ended up running a D&D Meetup group and have been trying to figure out what to do with it.

We ran two big events - Night of the Rolling Dice and Night of the Rolling Dice 2: This Time By Daylight - both 10 tables of DM + 5 using DM's from RPG Vienna. Packed out, 40-50 players turned up for each, with waitlists too. All good.

I feel people can be better served than by occassional big set piece gaming meetups. We have regular Friday night open tables (as discussed before) and I have been putting them up on the meetup with low response on the Meetup itself (2-3 folk, maybe, often none at all) but we do seem to get twos and threes rocking up at the door.

Obvious question is "how much of this was going to happen anyway once vacation ends and people settle back into routine?" I vannot say for sure but we are a bit up on our previous high level back in the spring before we lost our venue for a while. We have regularly been putting on a 4th an even a 5th table of late which is great.

This is however putting the squeeze on the number of seats in the venue so at this point I figure there are probably folk who are happy to play at other times and locations so we should probably disperse across the calendar and city a bit more - or other time options will help more people get gaming at least.

Something is needed because of the 300 odd folk who have joined the group, 200 of them have never turned up to an event. We've had ~80 folk come to one event, 10 come to a pair of them and 3 come to three events.

How to help that 200 find their tables? In honour of hitting 300 folk I have sent out a poll on when, where and what people want to be playing - to pretty desultory response so far. At this point all I can do is give the opportunity to tell me what they want, ask people to write in if they have an idea and continue to post the events folk can rock up to.

The players are *out there* - just being very, very quiet...

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Again, I adore your posts.

Our monthly 'western marches' style D&D club at the People's Theatre would be characterised by a similar pattern

We have a core of maybe 12 players who turn up month after month
We have a steady stream of newbies each session - 2-3 each time
We have grown from two tables, to now regularly 4-5, capped usually by available GMs (which we have increased from 5 to 8)
We have a Facebook group of 118 members and a Meet Up too
So we too are only getting a fraction of our 'membership' but maintain a steady 25-30 people each session

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Mk-RPG is similar, numbers-wise. Over 300 people in the Facebook group, and currently around 40 people who actually play. I know some of that number is past members who've moved away but stayed in the group, and people who attended virtually during lockdown but can't do in person games now, but surely that can't be all of them?
The rest may be lurkers, who have joined because they are interested - but haven't committed yet.

Plus others who have joined, never interacted with the page, and now never see the posts because the FB algorithm has decided that they're not really interested.
Thanks for the perspectives - beyond setting up events and generally broadcasting word, did you do anything in your groups that got folk off the bench?

I am open to any and all good ideas...