[generic] What are you backing?

Ha! It is so tempting to back it because I know the product will be good… but I don’t need the stress.
I have been sniffing around the Kickstarter for Our Brilliant Ruin for a couple of weeks, undecided whether it's worth adding to my game rotation. I kind of like the vibes of "Downtown Abbey with monsters and the end of the world" and I can imagine running a few games in that kind of setting. I ended up watching a couple of the "How to" type videos fronted by Becca Scott and the grabbed then first look downloads: a one-page version of the basic rules and five sample PCs.

I decided to go in at the lowest pledge level in the end: at only $15/£12 for a 250+ page pdf, it's pretty much all I need from a game these days. I'm still not totally sold on the uncritical politics the setting embraces, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt until I see the full, final version.
I've just backed Siege Perilous - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gallantknightgames/siege-perilous - although I've run a lot of Pendragon over the years, I've only ever played once or twice. This might go some way to scratch that itch. It's primarily a solo game using prompts and a tarot deck, although it can be used for group play too. Shipping from the US though, so I've only gone digital, which is a shame. Don't want the unpredictability of shipping costs and then customs for a book and deck of cards.

Street Wolves is a Neo-noir setting set in 1987.

Synopsis: The World of Street Wolves is like our own, but it diverges in the 1960s when a multi-national terrorist organization threatens global stability. By the early 1980s they were defeated and were driven underground, becoming an even more insidious threat as a conspiracy known as the Network of Shadows.

Dozens of cities in the world also experience a mysterious phenomena named Vapor which results in unusual, vibrant colors and glowing light trails at night. It causes an unlucky few to become “Vapor poisoned”, granting them unusual powers that are a blessing and a curse.

Navigating through this murky world of mystery and danger are the Street Wolves.

Players take on the role of Street Wolves who work for a secret, illegal task force known as Wolfpack. They conduct investigations, take down bad guys, and foil nefarious plans. They do the work that no one else can using their special skills, smarts, and equipment. They fight evil while trying to avoid getting caught by law enforcement.

Street Wolves face a fascist conspiracy, powerful cults, corporate goons, Soviet spies, drug cartels, corrupt cops, and their own their inner demons.

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