[Year Zero Engine] War Stories - A WW2 RPG powered by YZE (22nd June pre-orders)

This coming week, the 22nd of June, 2022, presents to you....

War Stories, a roleplaying game using the Year Zero Engine that is set during the Second World War.

All the background, rules, and scenario ideas needed to run a game centered around the harrowing exploits and extraordinary adventures of the 101st Airborne paratroopers (or alternatively, the British 6th Airborne) will be included. Play as the valiant heroes who parachuted into Normandy during Operation Overlord in June of 1944. The campaign game will allow players to tell the tale of their intrepid soldier-characters (even non airborne such as resistance fighters or tankers) as they collectively liberate France and drive onward toward victory. Above all, players will be able to create moments of valor and courage, ultimately weaving their personal tales into the fabric of history, from D-Day and beyond. These will be their War Stories.


Also to be made available, a deck of 54 cards with weapons, initiative order, the usual for Free League YZE games these days.

That's really interesting - I seem to recall having a conversation some time ago about the lack of WW2 RPGs and the conclusion being that it was still 'too soon' an era to be played in (albeit Recon exists...)

As the blurb firmly places the game post D-Day, I wonder whether there will be any guidance for players who want to explore the liberation of the concentration camps? Or how to make the German soldiers more than just moustache-twirling villains/grey uniformed zombies?