Upgrade Completed Successfully


Staff member
I'm pleased to announce that the upgrade process has been completed successfully and we are now running the latest version of Xenforo as well as the recommended version of PHP. By a staggering coincidence, Xenforo released a new minor version this very afternoon which amongst other things fixes a bunch of compatibility issues with PHP8.2. Thus I was able to both test the new push-button upgrade process and be confident in upgrading PHP, proving once again that procrastination is its own reward.

You can find the release notes for Xenforo here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/announcements/. Anything relating to version 2.2.x is new, so there's quite a lot to read. Just writing this post I can see changes to the user interface, which isn't surprising as we've jumped forward quite a way.

Of the issues raised with me recently, I know that alt tags on images are now supported; when you upload an image, you can click on it to get a context menu which allows alt text to be added. This then displays correctly when you mouseover the image. I also did a test on my local install to confirm that, as I think was mentioned elsewhere, ignored posts should now be ignored correctly in the mobile skin as well as the desktop one. If anyone has any problems, or finds any bugs which are still outstanding, please let me know.
Thank you for your dedication to upgrade duties. Those are laborious aren fraught with risk and hours lost in the maelstrom of backups, updates, and rollouts. And, yes, even financial costs.
Are there are active throttling profiles in operation?
I noticed on my phone with regular Firefox browser there, I struggle to get a fast response.
But my proxy connections are servered really quickly in comparison.