[watching] Up and Coming TV Programmes and Movies

When I played Fallout 3 I completely missed the town with the bomb in it, Megatown I think it was called. I spent months exploring the northern part of the map, struggling against tougher foes all the time. It was a hard slog.

It was only when I gave up after 100+ hours of play and used a cheat walkthrough guide that I discovered what I had done! 🤣

I’ll check out the show, I’ve heard that it isn’t too woke.
I know the next part of Rebel Moon [The Scargiver] is coming but you know what, this review may have decided me not to bother. They so want to find something worthwhile in it, but there are so many other things I can watch.

You may not believe it, but I watched "Space Command" on the weekend, and had to check multiple times that it was not a 90s SF movie, because it sure came across as fun but dated SF.
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