Other Games The Itch of Groundhoggoth!

I make small, silly storygames about once a month and publish as Pay What You Want on my itch.io page: there's everything from fantasy adventures to cartoonish space opera and much more!

This month's game is Miss Alignment Answers Your Questions from the Heart, where RPG characters write in to an advice columnist and the replies tell them how to change their alignments to improve their lives!
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And next, the February game for 2021: this is one of the beefiest itch.io projects I've produced and it's kind of practice towards making higher quality pdfs.

Home from Home is a Saturday morning cartoon storygame, following the misadventures of a bunch of kids who have been transported to a mysterious castle in another world and now must explore it to fond their way back home.
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I've made a card game, sort of: it uses a standard deck of playing cards and blackjack mechanics with some Noir window dressing. It's called The Raw Deal and I'm really looking for feedback on it, if anyone has the time to glance at the (very short) rules.
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I've completed and published my April game, the last in the 'Saturday Morning Cartoon' trilogy, Kicks is all about teenage superheroes balancing their mundane lives with their extraordinary ones through a series of dilemmas.
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