The Game

Brass Jester

Rune Priest
The Game is called Mirusais Udens

I’m looking for 4 players, (5 maximum). You can create your own characters if you know the system.

I’m using the Core Rules only to keep things simple.

All Descriptors are available; the core Types of Glaive, Nano and Jack and all Foci except Howls at the Moon.

I’m also going to post some pre-gens here for use if you’re new to Numenera.

The format is Play by Forum, I’m looking at a 48 hour response time. If you haven’t responded by then; then the Game moves on. Conversely, if everyone has responded within 6 hours, then the Game will move on then.

I play with an Open Table so no secrets or PvP; if something happens then everyone knows about it, but you can only react ‘in-Game’ if you are able to. The idea of the Game is to tell a story that we all can read and enjoy and hidden text/ spoilers/ private messages etc. I’ve found to be an unnecessary distraction in other Games I’ve run.

Responses can be as detailed as you like, but please try and stick to keeping the Game moving. Reading half a page of prose to find out “I push the red button” can get a bit wearisome :) The great thing about PbF is that it does allow you time to think about what you’re doing.