The D6 hack

The Guv asked for an outline.

It’s simple but gets subtle.

Take TBH as a base. Only players roll. They roll to attack and then roll to defend. D20 Under STR in HTH and DEX for missiles.

Then replace all dice with d6’s. Eg. Instead of d8 damage, fighters do d6+1. Replace the d20 with 3d6.

BUT 3d6 under 3d6 stats is broken. A 15 STR fighter hits far too often.

SO I’ve flattened the stats. Players get to allocate the numbers 7-12 across their 6 stats. Sounds bland but it works.

(I’ve also got a neat version of usage die that only uses a d6..)

It’s not as good as 5th Ed or TBH. But it’s functional, easy to learn and play, is compatible with extant dungeons and only uses d6.

It’s the kind of thing anyone could come up with. So I did.