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Strangers on a Train
Patricia Highsmith
Crime Fiction
From the ground-breaking noir fiction writer Patricia Highsmith comes her propulsive, engrossing debut, Strangers on a Train. The inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1951 film.
£0.99 £5.99
Deal ends: 31-12-2023​
Claire North
Literary Fiction
From the multi award-winning Claire North comes a captivating retelling of the classic Greek myth of Penelope. It's time for the women of Ithaca to tell their tale . . .
£0.99 £5.49
Deal ends: 31-12-2023​
Jennifer Saint

Historical Fiction
The heroic story of the only female Argonaut, told by Jennifer Saint, the bestselling author of Elektra and Ariadne.
£0.99 £9.99
Deal ends: 10-12-2023

Let's try this for a change: yup that has links to all the usual places:

Atalanta by Jennifer Saint | Goodreads
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Attractive offer if I didn't have them all in print!

I have the original comix in print too, but not the tpbs apart from the first. The problem with the original tpbs was that they were b&w not 4-colour; the Comixology versions are 4-colour.
Silver Nitrate
Silvia Moreno-Garcia

From the New York Times bestselling author of MEXICAN GOTHIC comes a dark thriller about a curse that haunts a legendary lost film - and awakens one woman's hidden powers
Deal ends: 06-01-2024

all the usual places
Some of you may be interested in the latest Humble Bundle Book Bundle: Terry Pratchett's Discworld. It includes all bar the most recent 2 novels and The Last Hero in US editions.

  • It's fulfilled by Kobo.
  • It's geo-restricted by HB to the US only. You won't even see the bundle unless you use a VPN and change your location to the US.
  • To purchase, you need to change your HB location to the US but you have to use a VPN (note: you can only change location 3 times in 90 days).
  • There's some question given the heavy geo-restrictions that you may not be able to download from Kobo - the other recent US edition bundles were downloadable, but they weren't geo-restricted. It might be worth setting up a burner Kobo account using a VPN located in the US.
If anyone decides to go for it, please let me know soonest! I'm considering it, as I'd like to complete the Night Watch subseries in ebook, and it would be useful to get the rest of the books. Kindle deals aren't usually that great for these.
Oh, it's tempting. Maybe a burner Humble Bundle and a burner Kobo? I can do the VPN easily. I guess Kobo will fulfill by ADE?
Oh, it's tempting. Maybe a burner Humble Bundle and a burner Kobo? I can do the VPN easily. I guess Kobo will fulfill by ADE?

Yeah, standard Kobo ASCM files which you import into Calibre and strip the DRM. I've previously had US-only book bundles from Humble Bundle, but they've been downloaded directly not via Kobo and it was just a matter of making sure the VPN was set appropriately.

If you do decide to go for it, let us know how you get on.
The Guide to Middle Earth is £2.99 on Kindle at the moment. This is the Robert Foster book that was my go to reference before the internet when I ran MERP. An encyclopedia of names and histories.

£3.99 on Kobo but you can get the price match:

There's also this: which appears to be a new edition.
I have both the original and the definitive edition. The latter is just laid out and refreshed like the recent editions but functionally the same.