[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

To my surprise, I think I’ll end up resisting The Magnus Archives from Monte Cook Games. The Magnus Archives podcast is great and I‘ve enjoyed every Cypher System game I’ve played, but I’m not at all sure the two go together, sadly. Cypher is great for sci-fantasy, superheroes and the like but The Magnus Archives feel much closer to something like GUMSHOE or BRP.
So here I thought "Obojima" was the bees knees in JPRG for 5e, and yet already pass a million Dollars on first day is the YouTuber DnDShorts with "Ryoko".

No wonder The Evil Hasbro Empire tried to monetize D&D by attempting that royalty clause in the OGL debacle.

A million US Dollars just a day into the launch, official updated on second day and with 28 days still left to go.