[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

I wish I had the money for both version of the Masters of the Universe boardgames this year.

I successfully backed "Fields of Eternia" and it has a nicer designed map, but seems more strategic in play style.

The newer Kickstarter is from CMON titled "Clash for Eternia" and from the maps seems more tactical in play style.

But sadly, since I already backed the first one, I have no budget for the second one.


But the second one has so many awesome sculpted props if one has the money to splurge bigtime.

The kids will surely get attracted to it, especially when all the miniatures get painted.



Rune Priest
I could almost swear this a Wayne Reynolds' cover.
Well, he does do other people's covers - occasionally :) When I last saw him - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2015 at UK Games Expo - I asked him how much it would cost me to hire him to do a cover and it was an eye-watering amount :)

(I know Wayne through a close friend from my time in Leeds, and he's one of the sweetest but sarcastically funny people I know :) )


Rune Priest
I too will put it on my resist list. For although I liked 1st edition, I still haven't read it properly. Although that is a compelling reason to buy the new edition :D

Looks very piratry and serpent folk infested, wild stab in the dark Freeport is an example or default setting ;)