Tales from the Loop campaign


Level 7 Blingmaster
Fresh off watching Stranger Things I am thinking of running my Tales from the Loop campaign on Roll20.

Would anyone on here be interested?

I am thinking of going weekly/fortnightly with a episodic nature to the sessions.

20:30 🕣 to 23:30 🕦


Level 7 Blingmaster
‘Technological Reasons and a Robot for All Seasons’
Tales from the Loop RPG
For up to six players. New players welcome!

A series Mysterious adventures in the British Land of the Loop. Set in an alternate 1984, in Derby, where Kids explore fantastical occurrences encountering robots, echo-spheres, lasers, carnivorous plants, freakish weather, dangerous strangers, and mad scientists along the way. So put away your VHS tapes, grab your Walkmans, Head bags and CB radios, get on your BMX bikes and ride out on adventure!

Part 01: Bigtrax and Magic Tricks
Part 02: Atomic Butterflies and Feral Buddleia
Part 03: Heatwaves and Rain-Guns
Part 04: Club Corfu and Dreams Come True
Part 05: On Cloud Nine and Golden Sunshine
Part 06: Good as Gold and Silicon Chips Overload
Part 07: Fallen Stars and Furious Pterosaurs
Part 08: Winter Wonderland and Snow All Around
Part 09: Walk, Don't Walk and Talk, Don't Talk
Part 10: Teleportations and Transgressions