Starforged – Caradhras Session 3


Caradhras – Session 3

Attempting to escape from the Kren debris field, “Nebula” took more damage that seemingly has caused the AI Overseer to exhibit erratic behaviour. Rayven disarmed the robot warcraft but on returning to the ship found Nashida dead, killed by explosive decompression.

Rayven sat, in shock, on the darkened bridge of “Nebula.” She had shut down the Overseer interface. She did not hear the proximity alerts, nor see the huge shadow moving through the debris field towards her ship.


Rayven woke and struggled to sit upright. She was in a long room that stank of sweat and hot metal. There were several other men and women in the room.

‘Where am I? Where’s my ship?’

‘You are in the transit hold, for that read slave hold, of a Trilarxis Scavenger ship. Your ship? If you’re lucky, it’s only part dismantled.’

The speaker was a man with a curious face, it was riddled and criss-crossed by many fine scars. ‘The name’s Salvi; from Dykuma.’

‘Rayven, Ironsworn to Land Lahani.’ Rayven quickly checked – all her gear was gone, including her sigil. Her eyes blazed green fury. ‘Someone is going to pay for taking that. Right, I’m getting out of here – are you with me? What about these others?’

Salvi shook his head. ‘No use. The young one there (he nodded towards a youth sat in the centre) has appointed himself leader and they are all listening to him. He’s advising we stay put.’

‘A spy or a traitor?’

‘No idea.’

[Gather Information +wits = 6 (5,8) = Weak. Door is sealed, air vent too small. Access panel needs special key. +1 M (+4)

Secure an advantage – jimmy the panel lock +wits = 7 (4,4) = Strong with match. +2 M, +1 next move – Maintenance Tube.]

‘The door is sealed. There’s an air vent but it’s too small to crawl through. However, …’ Rayven knelt by a section of wall. ‘This is a maintenance access panel. It needs a key to open but … there!’ The panel popped open. She grinned at Salvi. ‘Standard panels and often the engineer with the key wasn’t around. Most spacers know how to open them.’

Behind the panel was a maintenance tube; lined with piping, circuitry, and junction boxes, it was easily large enough to crawl through. Once inside, Rayven closed the hatch, then turned to face Salvi.

[Does she know of the Trilarxis? 50/50: roll 33 = Yes and match (Forgotten). Said to be the Lost Family of the Nine – they never settled and now survive by scavenging and recycling throughout Known Space.

Gather information about Salvi +wits = 8 (6,6) = Strong with a match.

Salvi Takara! – Brother of Kei Takara. Pirate, raiding ships of the Shadow Consortium. Captured same way. Had two companions – taken somewhere else on the ship.]

‘Who are you? You look familiar. Have we ever met?’

‘You are wasting time. You want to get to your ship; I need to get to mine. My name is Salvi Takara, and I am a …. commerce raider. Now, let’s go.’

‘Wait! Takara is your family name. Do you know Kei Takara? He is the one who trained me after the raid on Moser’s Landing.’ *

Salvi Takara took a long look at Rayven, then shook his head. ‘I really don’t know you. After Moser’s Landing I took my ship and went raiding ships of the Shadow Consortium – the organisation that undertakes all of the jobs that the Nine would rather not advertise take place but are necessary to keep things running. Malagate is one of the Shadow Consortium.’ **

He rolled into a crouch and headed off down the tunnel.

[Undertake an Exploration – Move through the Scavenger ship – Dangerous (0/10). Stay vigilant +wits (+2) = 3 (4,5) = Miss. Corrosive gas leak.

Face Danger +edge = 8 (2,9) = Weak. Take 1 Health (3/5).

Is Salvi hurt? Yes – breathed the gas as well.

* Stay vigilant +wits (+2) = 4 (4,5) = Miss. Waypoint – Empty area. Threat – Trilarxi crewman

The tunnel exited into a larger maintenance tunnel lined with pipes and conduits. A woman, wearing engineer’s overalls was checking some readouts. She had her back turned – Rayven jumped out of the access tube and hit the engineer on the back of the neck, they staggered but didn’t go down. Rayven hit her again.

‘Drop, curse you! I just need information.’

The engineer responded by pulling a laser torch, Rayven narrowly avoided being blinded. She hit the woman again, pulling no punches.

‘Caris? Is there a problem?’ Another engineer entered the tunnel. Rayven cut loose and ran – the alarm will certainly be raised. There was no sight of Salvi – no doubt he was out to rescue his ship.

Rayven woke in a puddle of foul-smelling oil; her head was splitting, and she had a lump the size of a egg on her temple. She sat up, doubled over, and vomited as the pain in her head shrieked to a crescendo. She groped at her left leg and undid the synthplast cover. Under it was a compact medical kit; she managed to inject two stims and a memose dose.

[Check Gear +Supply (+4): 10 (5,9) Yes, +1 M (M 7). Heal +3 (4/3/4/7)]

Rayven remembered moving down the tunnel, without warning a figure approached from the left and hit her across the head with a club-like weapon. ***

To be continued …


GM notes

* True! I really did roll this as a random surname!! Then I had to do a whole lot more to figure it in. That’s why I love solo gaming – you can create detailed stories.

** Big Reveal! This has created the Shadow Consortium.

*** Originally this was an encounter with one of Salvi’s crew, but it went FUBAR from the word go. However, in light of subsequent events, now there is a doubt as to who the attacker was.


Edge 3 Heart 2 Iron 1 Shadow 1 Wits 2


Gunslinger [*] [ ] [ ]

Bannersworn to Land Lahani [*] [ ] [ ]

Epic Vow: Utterly destroy the criminal Attel Malagate (0/4, 0/10)

Quests (1/4, 0/10)

Bonds (1/4, 0/10)

Discoveries (2/4, 0/10)


Spacer kit

MPM pistol


Kei Takara (Dangerous) (0/10)

Nashida Rook – Dead

Current Vows


Nebula (Integrity 2/5)

Module – Overseer


* Who is the Shrouded Figure?

* What trouble is Nashida’s grandfather in? * What is wrong with Nebula?

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