Southampton and Bournemouth Clubs

Millenium Falcons game group
every Wednesday at
The Millennium Third Age Centre
11 Cranbury Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0LH

from 6.30pm until 10pm (games start at 7pm)
The first session for new members is FREE and subsequent sessions are £3.50 for non-members, £2.50 for members. Membership is £10 for a year.
has a FB page

Bournemouth Berserkers
Every Friday at
The Hall on the Hill

from 8 until 10pm
First session is free then £2.00 per session for members, £3.00 for non-members
has a FB Page
website Bournemouth Berserkers
@nclarke Is the Southampton group running through lockdown?

Did you manage face to face between lockdown?

I'm in Winchester, and (should I ever go back) am supposed to work in Southampton.
I believe it's running on-line. I haven't been for several years as all they wanted to do was play dnd5e due a large influx of new, younger players. I believe the hall kiboshed a return to FTF gaming due to Covid spacing issues. Since I had Covid in April I haven't done any FTF gaming myself and am still shielding/isolating as next time will kill me for sure.
I hope you're feeling better now.

That's a bit disappointing about the 5e focus. It's one of the few games on my "no thanks" list. I'll give them a shout and see what the current situation is.