Sheffield -Looking for players or in person group


I've just moved to Sheffield and would like to get back to in person playing having played on line since March 2020

I prefer to GM but enjoy playing also.

My favourite systems are Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Runequest, but I like lots of systems - I prefer things rules light and allowing for lots of oppurtunites for players to use their imagination. The most interesting system I tried out recently was Torg.

MY first RPG was AD&D back in 1983 or so - I took a break from RPGs for the second half of the nineties and all of the naughties but have been back to playing it since. I ran a lot of Pathfinder since that was the only thing that people near me at the time were playing regularly, but it is not really my thing.

Any Sheffield gamers on this site?


Rune Priest
Yes, I’m wondering if the Sheffield folk here are doing in-person games at the moment. My D&D Adventurers League group is now reasonably well established at Theatre Deli on Tuesdays, but that doesn’t sound like it’s what you’re looking for, FoleyPT.

Aside from that I’m playing in two of First Age’s online games and one other monthly online game so space for extra gaming will be hard to come by for a while!
Good to know there are some people from Sheffield here. I was previously living in York and a member of the Wargamers group there - they have a very active RPG section that meets every thursday and mostly went online after COVID - they are making a big effort to get back to in person gaming now and so I couldn´t really join this latest rotation (they have a system of rotating GMs every 3 months and getting people to vote on what games they want to play on next) as I no longer lived in York. I was dissappointed to only discover after registration had closed, Treehouse is doing some games but I am not really sure what I feel about pay to play gming, I don't think Patriot games are doing their organised play and also I am not sure organised play is what i want - I did a lot of Pathfinder Society in the past and it definatly met some needs but it is not really what I am looking for. A campaign or a series of one shots of Cthulhu with 4-5 players that come back each week is what I am looking for... but who isn't looking for that ,)