[Traveller] Session 7: the Battle of EXE


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Exe - Traveller Map

With Taka a crew member on the Martin II, discussions were held with Krssh, the corsair Vargr that had offered them a role in Hroal IronTooth’s planned attempt on the treasure ship. After some bonding between Freki and Krssh, with the latter now subordinate to the former (as is normal for Vargr), the existence of 2 insiders on the Martin II was revealed and all details needed to ensure both rendezvous with Hroal in the Exe system, between the insiders (Henshaw and Salvesdes) and Taka, and some preliminary speculative planning.

The Drawing Board jumped as follows:

Jump to Acrid 69-1105 to 76-1105

Refuel, trade – 2 days

Jump to Exe 79-1105 to 86-1105

Rendezvoused with Hroal IronTooth, Ferrik Redthane, and Krssh. Simple agreement in place, hoped that Taka-Henshaw-Salvesdes would replace Martin II jump solution with one that would place it close to the ambush and away from Gazelle escorts.

Waited 21 days until 110-1105, a jump window formed, and the Martin II appeared in the trap, and the Gazelle escorts appeared at distant, at the 100 diameter radius, and a long long way away!

Whilst in jump Taka had ascertained that Henshaw was being blackmailed by the Hroal’s gang, her child held hostage, and was deeply bitter. Salvesdes was ‘curiously pliant’, as if drugged, and quite willing to resort to suicidal violence to achieve IronTooth’s aims. Taka resolved this with cunning, alcohol and theft, and reprogrammed the Martin II to jump the desired trap location in the Exe system.

The order of battle was:


  • Meatgrinder, Aslan pocket warship

  • Drawing Board, Drinaxi commerce raider

  • Monkey Business, Vulcan class salvage ship

  • Misery’s Company, Types S Scout

  • Janal Torsk, Far Trader

Imperial Navy

  • Martin II, treasure ship

  • Arshad, Gazelle escort

  • Komino, Gazelle escort

The pirates closed in, not firing since they didn’t wish to damage the treasure ship, which fired repeatedly at the Meatgrinder, but the pocket warship deployed sand very effectively to block the laser fire. The Gazelles desperately raced to try and achieve weapon range but to no avail. At the last the Drawing Board fired it’s particle barbette on the Martin II, but hardly scratched it.

None of it mattered, pirates boarded the treasure ship with overwhelming odds, specialised equipment and the aid of Salvesdes who turned on his marine colleagues.

The treasure ship was in the hands of the corsairs, and with minutes to spare before the Gazelle escorts closed in, the fleet of pirates jumped..
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This was the test in anger of the mash up of the core MGT2e spaceship combat rules, the positonal map from MGT2e High Guard, and a pared down averaging system to replace the endless rolling of the basic combat system.
In short, it works, a combat takes about the same as a usual RPG combat, but without endless clunky dice rolling and whiffs and misses.. but enough for tension. Tactically there are choices to be made and with a ship per player everyone was engaged. For all combats past 2 versus 2, this kind of blend is really essential and given the vast amount of space battles of flotillas likely to happen in Drinax then either this or a Savage Worlds style mass combat system is really needed. Mongoose even hint at this blend in High Guard but don't deliver it.
Maybe Duncan and I need to send it to Matt Sprange.