[Traveller] Session 13 In Hellespont, Oh Sparta!


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Session 13 In Hellespont, Oh Sparta!

132 to 139-1105 New Sparta, Inurin

When Archer, Mira, and Fwo arrived in New Sparta it was quite different. Greeted by people in simple white chitons, and an honour guard bedecked in Hawk helmets and bits of non functioning power armour, this was a defiantly ‘spartan’ welcome. The Spartans recognised Archer as a fellow Spartiate and citizen, saw Mira as a brave Perioikoi solider, and Fwo as a helot of no note.

Archer repeatedly failed to impress the council of elders (Gerousia), headed. By the female King Phoibe “Helga” Myrmidion. He insulted them as ‘progressive’ and implied an over fondness for liberality. They suspected him of being a democrat or some other deviant.

However they wanted to ally once again so much with the final remnants of the Empire of Sindal, to once again fly the stars in the Sindal ships and drop from the sky to defeat their foes. So they just got him to walk 7 steps holding a red hot bar of iron, consulted the auguries and overlooked the rest. New Sparta is now a formal ally and subject state to Drinax, 3000 men are promised in service, and all they want in return is to serve and earn glory before death. Archer has chosen and the die is cast. Plus the Gerousia have a continuing supply of OGRES to crush the People’s Republic with, so all is well.

Mira and Fwo snuck around and found hints that not all is well in the four industrial zones where helot slaves make poor quality weaponry for the state; whilst rebellions break out in the name of “Libarchy” and are brutally put down.

The ‘away team’ met the crew of the Red Adder for the first team, and exchanged bland nothings. They felt they should probably blow the Red Adder out of the sky; just to be sure. As they rejoined their ship, the Red Adder jumped away. Comparing notes it was confirmed that the crew of the Red Adder are also the folk supplying the People’s Republic with GEVs.

Next time, a return to the Floating Palace.


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GMs's Notes.
A naughty monkey on traveller wiki has added the OGRE/GEV game to this planet, so when they arrived I was delighted when a player mentioned these OGRE MkIII tanks. There were many plotlines and stories they could have told or chosen on Inurin, they have ignored many, decided not to create a narco state (not enough drugs), can't be arsed to rescue the missing Scout [I think they made an enemy there], and allied with the forces of brutal hierarchical conservatism over progressive liberal democrats [okidoki, they were heading that way, they are going to attract push back from the liberals, democrats, anarchists and so on]. They also missed the Old One that the Larrh jihadists worship in a drug fuelled state of ecstasy, and that certain folk were very interested in [either to study or nuke from orbit as was necessary.
The Yellow Crucible Crime Syndicate now is a campaign fact, and marginally allied with the players. It's gonna be alien, and run by the sort of aliens you'd overlook or pass your empty glass to in a bar.