Role Play Haven Edinburgh


Rune Priest
Starting on Wednesday 20th July 2022 at about 6pm, the Edinburgh Branch of The Role Play Haven will be hosting games in the Mercat Bar near Haymarket station.

We (I've volunteered as a Member Rep on the committee to help get the branch going) are hoping to start with something like 5 tables of RPGs, a mix of 10-12 week games and one-shots, with the ambition of doubling that number.

Anyone in the Edinburgh area who is looking for an RPG to play is welcome to come along. At the moment I think we're offering D&D (5e) and Coriolis, with some D6 Star Wars possibility also coming along. GMs especially welcome!

Fair warning: Role Play Haven offers a free taster session, but if you decide to join there is an annual membership fee (£8 I think) and a nightly charge to cover venue hire.

Full details can be found on the website, along with the games currently on offer: