Review: Pathfinder for SWADE Finale

This was a relatively expensive kickstarter for me, but I feel I got my money’s worth. I think I have everything now except the VTT assets, and I probably won’t review those; so here are the final few goodies…

The Last Drop

Action Cards: It’s a deck of cards. However, it does double duty in that each card has a full-length portrait of a character; I can see myself pulling a card from the deck and saying “You see this guy”, or letting the players peruse it for character inspirations.

Allies and Adversaries Cards: I have only the PDF for these, but it looks like they are intended to be double-sided, with a full-colour picture of an ally or adversary on one side, and the character’s statblock on the other. Six of them are named (well, seven if you count the twins as seperate characters), and six of them simply have job titles such as ‘elven assassin’ or ‘mystic thief’. I like the idea of generic allies and opponents on cards, but I’m not sure how much mileage I’ll get out of these specific ones now that everything is on VTT.

Arcane Conversions: This demonstrates how to ‘build’ Pathfinder spells using Savage Worlds powers, trappings, modifiers and limitations. Some are straightforward (Enlarge Person is simply Growth), others not so much (there are two different ways of doing Ice Storm, using either Entangle or Blast as the base, then adding a trapping and three different modifiers). There are almost 50 example spells given. This one is clever, and interesting to me as a GM, but I’m not likely to use it myself, as I can’t foresee a situation where a plotline or an NPC turns on being able to replicate a specific Pathfinder spell.

Bookmarks: Four different bookmarks, each with Pathfinder art on one side and a quick reference table of some sort on the other. I’ve not used bookmarks in any kickstarter where they have appeared, and I’m not likely to start now.

Customisable GM Screen: Most screens I’ve seen have three panels, and to give the GM some flexibility, this product includes nine full page art panels (and I do love the Pathfinder art, I must admit), with five pages of charts and tables, all landscape mode. Most of these are the usual SWADE fare, but the last one has some items specific to Golarion and Pathfinder for SWADE; languages, schools of magic, and downtime activities. A GM screen is not that useful to me while I’m doing everything via VTT, but I might print the tables on card and laminate them as a quick reference guide, and perhaps pick one of the art pieces as a splash page for Roll20. The one with heroes fighting ogres on a dam in the pouring rain is my favourite.


Overall, I’ve had an embarrassment of riches from this kickstarter; the core rules for running Pathfinder under SWADE, a large bestiary, a full (if somewhat linear) campaign in six books, supplements to expand the setting background, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at. As I say, I got my money’s worth from this one.

The question is, though, will I ever use them, beyond the usual mining the products for ideas to bolt on to my current campaign? Certainly I’d like to, but I’m not sure if any of my groups would go for it; I’ll have to ask them.

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