Revelation Revelation 2021 After Action Reports


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Gambling with Death (Slot 2, City of Mist)
All-Seeing Eye Investigations carried out an investigation to locate a young woman, who was later found dead having 'jumped' from the roof of the Royal Plaza Hotel/Casino one evening. Crossing both sides of the law, the group addressed the cause of the death, but faced the fact that they may not have resolved it long term. Time prevented them following up some of the leads.

I was probably a bit ambitious running this in the slot, but we had fun.


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A Double dose of cyberpunk for me yesterday!

Morning started out with Lloyd Gyan and a transport centric Trains, Planes and Automobiles ultraviolence extravaganza. We saved the day only died a little bit so that's a win in the dark future of Sprawl city. The system was CBR+PNK which is a nice reskin that flowed smoothly in the main. Thanks to my fellow players Dr Bob, Elaine and Amy for a memorable game.

In the evening was my own Cyber Truckers game - a more light hearted shadowrunesque romp around the world. Loved the character conepts, with a Goblin Engineer, A ninja delivery driver and an ex-evil overlord slime creature with a Skeleton Crew.

Much thanks for all my players for bringing the world to life and saving the day a few times! Radioactive dragons in the Dominican Republic, Gnoll Renegades in the mountains of Cyprus, and exorcizing vile lovecraftian entities in the Mountains of Madness (for the sake of a music video) - A great game! Thanks to Becky Austin, Dr Bob and Sam Winston for that!
Thanks to the organisers and GMs of Revelation, as well as everyone I played with - I had a really fun weekend. And I now feel like I have a handle on how PbtA games work.

First up was a fast and furious CBR+PNK (FitD) romp, where we raced from place to place in The Sprawl, trying to clear our names, do that One Last Run before we retired, and save the day. My cowardly hacker nobly sacrificed himself at the end by ramming an airport baggage truck into the bad guys and a fuel tanker.

Next was my second ever PbtA game: CyberTruckers, which was nicely silly, enabling me to be a stealth parcel deliver guy with a vehicle called The Milk Tray Van. We did all our deliveries using the sure-fire combination of stealth, firepower and, er, necromancy.

Finally, on Sunday, I played in the wild west version of Apocalypse World Burned Over. Cool characters, the Hollywood version of the Old West dialled up to 11, and a good mix of us PCs accidentally making things worse and managing to make sure that there were still some townsfolk alive at the end of the game.