Rafel is a Tough Jack who Explores Dark Places


Rafel is a Tough Jack who Explores Dark Places


Middling height, stocky; more detail is difficult to say as he always finds the shadows & the dark corners and typically wears deeply hooded dark clothes.

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Might 12 / Edge 0
Speed 13 / Edge 1
Intellect 11 / Edge 0

Special Abilities
Practiced in Armour
Skill with defence: Intellect
Skill with defence: Might
Healthy +1 to recovery rolls


Flex skill: Numenera

Light Weapons (Rapier, Knife)
Medium Weapons (Crossbow)

Armour (2)

Shins = 8
Light armour – leather
Weapon: Crossbow
Weapon: Rapier
Weapon: Knife
Explorer’s Pack
Pack of Light Tools
+50’ Rope
+2d rations
+2 minor glowglobes

Cyphers (2)




Rafel and Tempus are good to go.
You can decide connections between you in-Game.

Cyphers and Oddities

Level: 5
Spray canister with flexible hose
Effect: Produces a stream of foam that covers an area about 3’ x 3’, transforming any metal that it touches into a substance as brittle as thin glass. The foam affects metal to a depth of about 6 inches.

Level 1
Adhesive patch that activates when slapped
Effect: For the next 28 hours the character has Training in the following skill - Ranged Attacks

* Oddity
A 4" silver needle that always remains sharp but it cannot puncture anything
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Rafel remembers little of his past, which has always seemed strange.

He says he comes from Far Brohn in the Pytharon Empire, because that is where his memories start. He knows he grew up the hard way, and that he must have somehow learned the skills and knowledge which serve him well now, but there is a gaping lack of memories before Far Brohn.

The one possession he has from “before” is a 4” silver needle, which always remains sharp, but cannot puncture anything. Everything else he has now he has gained by hard work or his wits since he came to his current awareness.

His ability to dredge up skills and knowledge from somewhere is aided by meditating in a dark space, walking his silver needle endlessly round and round his fingers. The skills and knowledge come from somewhere in the dark gaping hole in his mind, where his earlier life is lost.

He has a deep scar on the side of his head, only visible when he removes his hood, which may relate either to his loss of memory, or his resources of knowledge – he doesn’t know, because he doesn’t remember how he got it.

His searching of dark places and investigation of the strange is driven in part by a search for something – maybe his lost memories, or at least the explanation for how he lost them. Sometimes places or people seem familiar, as if he has been there or met them before, but this doesn’t trigger any better recall of his memories. Sometimes people react to him in ways that make him think they know him from “before”.

He left Far Brohn not long after his memories start and travelled west. At that time he was having periods of lost time, gaps in his newly started memory. Those episodes became gradually less frequent, and have stopped now, but he fears their return and the consequences of his actions during the lost time. Tempus pulled him out of a particularly difficult situation following one of those periods of lost time, and now is one of the few people he really trusts and would call a friend.

One day he will get Tempus to explain why he won’t ever go out to sea in a boat, even to go fishing with Jockrolli.