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I am trying to organise an online game to be run by GunnarRoxen of his SF-supers hopepunk RPG.
If you'd like to play, please fill in the poll here: Poll - Poetic Injustice - Framadate


# Poetic Injustice

You hoped for a quiet day, but when the call came in of a high-profile murder you cursed the living god known as the Fool, grabbed your Agency badge and gun and hit the streets.

A brave and proud Pure warrior lies dead, his blood spilling down the rainy steps of the Temple of the Tattooed Man in the heart of Soho. Stabbed in the back, his murder could unleash a wave of conflict between the Pures and the rest of society. Especially given that the killer stuffed a poem in his mouth.

Pures are a proud people, a new and different human species, have a noble warrior tradition and a close-knit culture. While their all-black eyes, pure white skin, and sharp teeth make many regular humans nervous, they are caring and honourable. That said, when stirred their Rage is legendary. They make up almost ten percent of London's population.

London was once the greatest city in the whole of the known universe but over the centuries it has largely faded from the limelight, though it still has a certain magnetic charm, and sits at a crucial intersection of the universe between rival states. Though the gulf between rich and poor is wider than ever and now measured in altitude as well as attitude and wealth.

Despite their numbers, Pures have been murdered. Is this a case of Pure-on-Pure violence, the xenophobic group Boot trying to drive the Pures out, or is it something else entirely? The clock is ticking and there is a murderer on the loose.

Only you can bring the murderer to justice and calm the situation.


Poetic Injustice is a mission for 3 or 4 players set in the science-fiction, hopepunk universe of the Broken Shield RPG. You play members of the Agency, an elite federal investigation/spy organisation dedicated to protecting the peace and serving the people of the Accord.

Broken Shield is a universe of living gods known as Disciples, supernaturally-gifted Echoes, cybernetically-enhanced people, and many new human species.
The world may be broken, but you have a chance to change it for the better.

The system is a d6 pool based "Success with Complications" system called HexDNA that allows your adventures to take unexpected turns when you get Boosts and Complications when rolling the Drama Dice as part of every skill test.

No experience of the system, or universe is required. Characters will be provided and you will receive playtesting credit for the Poetic Injustice mission and a free PDF copy of the System Guide.

Poll - Poetic Injustice - Framadate