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So started Outgunned Project Medusa setting for our group’s Monday night - the first session with the system we have nearly completed the first part of the the 3 shot adventure in just over 2 hours in - I reckon another 30 minutes it would be completed

The system is a bit to getting used to on the terminology (basic = pair, crit = 3 of a kind, etc) at first and there is understanding of the extra successes when players get them.

One thing not been encouraging my players is the use of adrenaline and earning it - more down to my explanation though the game wants players to be more engaged with the story (even though the published adventure is a bit linear

I did get the damage tracking wrong which will be corrected in the next session around damage PC do to enemies and damage done by enemies
The system is a bit to getting used to on the terminology (basic = pair, crit = 3 of a kind, etc) at first and there is understanding of the extra successes when players get them

As one of the aforementioned players, I liked that there is a table to tell you the probability of getting a certain outcome (basic success, critical etc) given the dice pool size and whether you re-roll or not. I am a bit sad that the probabilities are so unintuitive that that they felt (correctly IMHO) that they needed to provide the table.

One of my first impressions on playing is that the system ensures niche protection for the characters by making your chances of success at something that isn't in your niche awful. I want to be picking those activities that I have 5 or 6 dice in, otherwise I don't want to roll. 4 dice is "If I have to, but someone better be ready to rescue me" and less than that is "Let's try plan B".

Still feels better than my experience with Vaesen, which seemed to be written with the assumption that you were always going to get lucky with your dice rolls.
Session 2 Project Medusa picked up with the getting ready for the fight to get the target with the info and needing to get past the goons - Gave the PCs a choice if REACTION or ACTION and they went up with ACTION - our cop (who we learned can't cop based on the skills) stepped up with the gun and rolled and asked to confirm if Free Re-Rolls impact the success they got which was an EXTREME against the CRITICAL needed which it didn't. That Free Re-Roll turned into an IMPOSSIBLE (5 of a kind) so based on the rules - an IMPOSSIBLE is equal to 3 EXTREMES and an EXTREME is equal to 3 CRITICALS - so 9 Grit on the goons who have 9 boxes...........I guess the fight is over but you still have to chase the bad gun needing a CRITiCAL so our Car Expert Chase with an EXTREME......Then to get in the info the Bounty Hunter who managed to swim to shore got to pick a lock on the briefcase with a CRITICAL

They got the clue to go to GREECE and when there they get a clue at the airport that the person who may have the case and also about some scientist is nearby. Taking what is a TIME-OUT the PC make use of learning more clues which results in an infiltration as by chance there is a big event going to be happening as said villain posh villa. So cue the we will go in as waiters - expecting some cool narrative from the players on stealing clothes, getting gear and funky cool montage - so what I get is ..... nope we will pay for stuff, it is pretty easy to get hold off

Anyway, when making SKILL roles in TIME_OUT it isn't helpful in what combinations of attribute and skill would work out as no list is provided. Only some suggestions but not for what would work in specific situations and gives only what is the success type.

So next session - Serving time to the tune of Zorbo the Greek
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