Other Games [Online] Looking for two players for Trinity Continuum: Aeon

I'm starting a new game. I’m looking for a couple of additional players to join a Trinity Continuum Aeon game (Epic SciFi with Psychic). Players will be playing deep cover agents on a Leviathan (deep space exploration vessel), seeking out evidence of influence by a race of telepathic aliens. For those who know Aeon, you'll be playing Æon Trinity, Norça and Chitra Bhanu agents involved in a cold war with the Doyen.

We'll game on Wednesday at 7 pm BST. Games will tend to run for between 3 and 4 hours each week.

Do you want to explore the universe, reconnect with lost human colonies or take on deranged supermen from an age mankind would like to forget? Do all this whilst running your own covert mission to hunt down manipulative mind-reading aliens hiding on human colonies, or amongst ally alien species and quietly deal with. A mission you need to keep secret from your own Bridge Crew.

It's a brand new campaign although several of the players know each other from a previous game we've played together. Lockdown, job changes, parenthood and general life mean we've lost three members of our existing group, and we decided to start afresh with a bolstered group and a new campaign.