NUMENERA PbF on offer

Hi Everyone
I'm going to run a Numenera Game as a Play-by-Forum Game on the Tavern's Discord channel.
If you are interested in learning about this Game (my Number one RPG), then read on and PM me if you would like to join.
Apologies for the long post that follows -

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
In this game you are on Earth in a very distant future, in the Ninth World. You are living in this age, using the technologies of the previous ages. Most of the people look at these technologies as if they are magical.

The world itself is strange and wonderful; the Game is about discovering these wonders. Look to the horizon – is that a mountain or part of an impossible monument to the forgotten emperor of a lost people? Feel that subtle vibration beneath your feet and know that ancient engines – vast machines the size of kingdoms – still operate in the bowels of the earth.

The people of the Ninth World mostly humans, although not all that call themselves human truly are. There are likewise abhumans: mutants, crossbreeds, genetically engineered, and their offspring. And then there are the visitants, who are not native to the earth but who now call the Ninth World home, and who have no more understanding of the past (even their own) than anyone else.

Forests of crystal shards, cities supported on beams of power, brave Glaives, the various types of Numenera, knowledgeable Aeon Priests, strange flora and fauna, dangerous Nanos, mysterious ruins pulsating with hidden energies, cunning Jacks, and a thousand other things make the Ninth World and exciting and dangerous place.
THE GM (Brass Jester)

I have run many Numenera FtF Games and a successful PbF Game of Numenera that ran for three years on RPGGeek. I am currently running two FtF Games (well, by Discord/ Skype) for my friends and family.

I am looking for five players to undertake a quest. I already have two on board; so there are three other slots available. I will also consider a reserve of two characters to replace any killed. These will all be on a first come basis.

The Game will be run as a text PbF on the Tavern Discord channel. We’ll use the dicebot on the channel and you keep your own character sheets. The nature of Numenera combat is such that there is no need for battle maps or other tactical stuff, so I won’t be using VTT like Roll20.

You don’t need to have played Numenera to join; it is an easy Game to learn. If you know the rules; it will help.

Characters – create them as usual from the 1st ed. CR, but don’t use any of the Optional Rules in Chapter 9; I’ll tell you if any of these come into play. All characters start at Tier 1. Also, don’t create any Connections or Reasons for being on the Adventure yet. These will be gained in-Game.

Cyphers – Roll one randomly; I’ll make others available.

The Game
I run a realistic Game. This is not a Game where challenges are carefully scaled to match your abilities. There is stuff in the Ninth World that can wipe the floor with you if you get in its way. Watch for the in-Game warnings; if an NPC says someone or something is dangerous then they should be listened to. It is up to you to recognise that a challenge is beyond your abilities.

As a GM, I will not (intentionally) railroad players. This is not to say that some unscrupulous NPC’s won’t try to in-Game.

Your actions will affect the world, as will the actions of NPC’s. How you treat NPC’s will affect the world and how they react to you.

REM: In this Game, PC’s are kick-ass at what they do. Even at Tier 1, YOU are powerful people; the potential movers and shakers of the world. Things happen to you because of this.

The Safety Card will be in play; if something upsets or offends you then please PM me via the Tavern. This allows for anonymity.

I don’t encourage PvP; simply because of the tensions and problems it causes. The occasional bit of ‘in-Game’ tension is usually ok; but if you create a character that is deliberately out to kill another PC, then you’re in the wrong Game

Game Format
I’m looking at a 48 hr turn-round on posts; giving people plenty of time to think and respond.

If you’ve never played a PbF before, just behave and post as your character would in FtF.
All ‘In Character’ stuff goes in the IC Thread, including questions that you might ask the GM about the situation.
All rules queries/ clarifications should go in the OOC Thread.

The Game will start on 21st April 2021 on the IC channel in Discord. The Game date is 20th Storm Season (Embarking), 402nd AF

Example Character Sheet
Is a (Descriptor) (Type) who (Focus)

Might xx / Edge x
Speed xx/ Edge x
Intellect xx/ Edge x

Special Abilities






Shins =

Cyphers (Limit)




XP:/ Advances taken

Can you all use this format when posting your character in the OOC channel.


Rune Priest
It's a shame from my point of view that you are offering this as a play-by-forum game. Only because I don't do so well in play-by-forum games on account of my dyslexia. Personally, I would have preferred a virtual game. Something to consider for the future, perhaps?
Virtual is dfficult for me due to my work pattern and call-out.
@Nathan - the PbF format isn't really any different to what you and the others are chatting about on Castle-Baron at the moment. It's run on a 48 hour turn-round so you have plenty of time to think about your responses and what you are doing.
I'm not expecting massive amounts of text (that's up to each player) - a simple 'Sica thinks that's the best plan so goes along with what the others are doing' is a perfectly ok response.

You can always lurk and watch what's going on; if you want to join in then just let me know - there will be plenty of opportunities


Rune Priest
Virtual is difficult for me due to my work pattern and call-out.
That's a bummer.

@Nathan - the PbF format isn't really any different to what you and the others are chatting about on Castle-Baron at the moment.
The difference is we're not trying to play a game via text. We're generating ideas for a game that we intend to play virtually.

You can always lurk and watch what's going on; if you want to join in then just let me know - there will be plenty of opportunities
I'll lurk and see how it plays out.