Darkening of Mirkwood NPCs

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Just for convenience, a short list of recurring NPCs:

Balin son of Fundin: Warden of Moria. He leads the dwarves occupying Durin's Tower, a fortification east of Moria.

Bofri son of Bombur: The Roadwarden, the dwarf in charge of restoring the old dwarven road through Mirkwood.

King Dain Ironfoot: King of the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain.

Frar the Beardless: Exiled dwarven lord of the Grey Mountains, seeking to reclaim his domain from when it fell to orcs and dragons. The other dwarves think him deluded, and are not ready to help him.

The Gibbet King: A powerful spirit who once served the Necromancer as his torturer. He turned Ingold into Mogdred. He has occupied Carn Dum, the old fortifications of Angmar, and commands goblins and hill men.

Ingomer Axebreaker: The chieftain of the Woodsmen, now rather old. A trusted ruler of the "first among equals" kind.

Mogdred/Ingold: Son of Ingomer Axebreaker, who fell to the Necromancer when he was in Mirkwood. The Necromancer had him tortored and Ingold became Mogdred, the Necromancer's lieutenant. Since the Necromancer's fall, Ingold led a band of former mercenaries and vagabonds to carve out the domain of Tyrant's Hill. After the Company visited him, Tyrant's Hill repented. He now defends the southern flank of the Woodsmen country, and is a respected lord amongst the Woodsmen.

Ormal the Lampmaker: An elf of the First Age resident in Thranduil's court, and an expert on the wood elf magic of light. He is working on duplicating the Lamp of Balthi.

Radagast the Brown: Reclusive wizard, and something of a sponsor to the Woodsmen. Has proved helpful a few times.

Ruithel the Hunter: King Thranduil's chief hunter (at least until last year when she turned her back on his orders) and an ally of the player characters in several endeavours.

Saruman the White: A wizard who dwells in the fortifications of Isengard, and the greatest expert out there on the magic of the Enemy.
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