Darkening of Mirkwood Notes and comments

Thanks Dom.

I've been really enjoying running this. I've come to love people's characters. They're genuinely heroic, and what we're doing together has grown wonderfully rich and deep. I'll also add what plain *fun* it's been as well as the epic side of it. There's huge doses of character driven humour for example.


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@dr_mitch Thank you for a brilliant season with at least three sessions when I expected NĂ¡li to die.

For reference I have

* Increased Valour to 4 and want to take an Ironfoot Hauberk (+1 success dice to Travel, spend a hope to turn Eye of Sauron to Gandalf Rune) if possible as the reward. Perhaps it could come from the House of Elrond from an Ironfoot who died? (Erebor p100)
* Increased Battle to 2
* Increased Awe to 2

I have 0 AP and 1 XP.