[LongCon] LongCon 2025


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LongCon 2025 - 28/29th June 2025

As LongCon has been such incredibly good fun this year, we have decided to do it again next year! LongCon will be at the Garrison Hotel, Sheffield, UK, again 28th & 29th June 2025.

You can book accommodation now with the hotel. Please **call them** and state it is for LongCon games event, this will secure a room and breakfast for a £90 convention rate. https://garrisonhotel.co.uk

Registration/Payment will happen 'in a bit'. Game submissions will probably happen a bit later, but we'll get a form setup to enable it, so get your thinking caps on for a 5 session, full weekend game! I'm already pondering!


(Just breaking @First Age's post out for future use)
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Dom has done the forms, so we are just waiting for some of the early Furnace blast to cool, and then we will launch LongCon 2025 soon!

After Dom's superb game this year, I am inspired and stoked up for another 5 sessioner. I've got a bunch of ideas!