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Our version of this tale became a balance between expanding Drinaxi economic and military power, forging alliances with the pirates of THEEV, but also Aslan pirate flotillas, and then Aslan ihatei. Always attacked and conspired against by the xenophobic humanist Bastion Movement the player characters became ever more convinced that the way for Drinax to survive and thrive was not too break before the inevitable Aslan wave of expansion but to fight, gain honour and status in the eyes of the Aslan and in turn become a clan in the Hierate itself.

They foiled Bastion Movement plots for genocide, cried over murdered Chirpers, single handedly defeated iHatei leaders in single combat, and did indeed steal an Imperial Treasure ship.

When GeDeCo made them the Jaskarl offer.. they accepted, knowing full well that the Vorito faction were facing the limits of psycho history and confident they could manipulate their manipulators far better to the outcome they wanted.

When King Oleb died they decided it was time to recognise realpolitik and their leader, by then Viscount Archer modestly accepted the Eagle Throne as his destiny.

You know, I like to believe they and their descendants made it though the Hard Times as respected human Hierate citizens.

I know some of you will have no idea what I talk of.. but those who do, will.
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Huh. My lot never thought of becoming an aslan clan. What a neat idea.
One of the characters chose to have been born on Camoran, an encircled human polity amongst the Hierate. That's all we knew. He migrated to the third Imperium to pursue a career in the Marines and always yearned to help the Camorans escape the Aslan claw.
Until he came back. Then through the campaign the different but honourable nature of the Aslan emerged. Then to cap it all, in the Glorious Empire book we learnt how the Camoran Star Fighters had become honoured allies of the Hierate in the grinding war of attrition with the heretics.
They also came to really hate the Bastion Movement, let Prince Grehai meet his fate through turning a blind eye, and then were deeply grieved when the BM cruelly assassinated their friend and ally Hroaal Irontooth.
So the realisation that going Aslan allowed honour and autonomy came organically through play and the publication of new stuff by Mongoose.

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I'm playing in the Borderlands at the moment, and my ex-marine PC had encountered an honourable Aslan Clan leader. Seeking a purpose, and liking what he sees, he may well end up going Aslan!