Introduce Yourself

Hi Jim from an overcast Hemel Hempstead! Welcome to the Tavern.

In the past, I use to play and run a lot of RuneQuest and Heroquest, but tend to run Fate, Savage Worlds and Mythras these days. I occasionally run WEG D6 Star Wars as well and I'm currently playing in two D&D 5e campaigns. Like you, all my games are now online using Roll20 and Discord.
Good morning one and all.

Phil from Hertfordshire here. Thought I'd stop by, grab a drink (tea at this hour) and say hello.

I've been involved in RPGs for around 2 years now. Started with a homebrew campaign with simpler mechanics for us new folk. That campaign is still going and I'm also involved in a Star Wars campaign (not quite started yet) and a campaign based on German folk lore. All Pre-Grimm. In my youth I did reenactment and wargaming but moved away from those and then had my mid 30s life crisis so I started playing RPGs and purchased a BMX. Love the RPGs and can just about ride the BMX.

Outside of RPGs I'll hopefully be attending my first LARP this year. I also love music. Mainly ska, punk, folk and all sub genres that come with those. A fun fact is that I once had a 15 minute conversation with Prince Charles during which and to my bosses horror I said "I'm off to the pub later to see a friends band play. You should come along mate".

I'm looking forward to getting to know folks and hope you all have a good day.
Oh excellent. I've only been here a couple of years and really need to get myself involved in the local gaming community.
The games I use to play were at a friend's home and the host was the only person local to Stevenage. The rest of us travelled there to play. My friend now no longer lives in Stevenage, so I'm not sure what the local gaming community is really like.
You, too, can retire early if you find the right motivation! All it took for me to pack up the lecturing life was for my place of abode to descend into a police state overnight. 🤪
Pre-COVID, I was thinking about it (or significantly reducing my hours), because even with only going into the office 3 days a week I was finding the commute really tiring. As it is, I find working from home a doddle - I can start early or finish late, or take an extended lunch break to go to the market. Now, I feel less tired, and am significantly more productive. I do sort of miss the impromptu interactions, but I did find open plan offices very distracting when you're trying to concentrate on something.

I very much suspect that come the autumn I will be one of those only commuting in on an occasional basis. Back to carnet tickets (the local ticket office hates them)!