Squadron: Birmingham 2019 I never expected to go into Space!

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I never expected to go into space!

A quick investigation of the electronics warehouse that had allegedly bribed the BISCUIT security personnel to allow their prisoners to escape, yielded little. It was exclusively stocked with obsolete technology. There was no way that this company was throwing 5 figure sums around.

Some digging into the company records showed that it was actually a whole-owned subsidiary of Drax industries. Via several shell companies of course.

Drax is, as you know, the supplier of high technology goods at all levels from the household washing machine to Government defence systems.

The nearest Drax facility being near the NEC - apparently an exception to the green belt building ban - the team flew their cloaked Squad Jet there. Creating himself some false ID, Magnatron scouted the location in the guise of a new security guard.

It didn’t take long to discover the second, empty, redundant car park. The one with a seam down the middle and occasional scorch marks.

Sure enough, beneath it was a hanger containing what appeared to be a reusable space shuttle. As the team investigated the chamber was flooded with poison gas forcing them to take refuge in the shuttle itself that promptly took off.

They managed to seize control and forced it to land. Deacon pulled a key component and, as Magnetron and Steel Reign wrested control from the on board computer, Techknight ordered up a tanker of replacement rocket fuel.

Soon, with the shuttle at their command, the team blasted off again. They soon located a massive space station in orbit of the Earth. Magnetron released an EMP to kill the tracking systems of any weapons aimed at them and the team boarded.

There followed a pitched battle between the new Sq:B and the massed forces of “Skylord” - Drax himself. The team kindly let Techknight lead the way and, once he was unconscious, moved in to mop up. As well as Skylord and his minions, they also had to face Frostorm, Firefly and a couple of other minor villains. Of Slink there was no sign.

Defeated, Frostorm and Firefly tried to escape in the shuttle, but Deacon had again pulled a key unit. They were going nowhere and were forced to surrender.

Skylord’s Plan? Slink had allowed himself to be captured. For months he’d been scouring and mapping the prison’s security systems. Having escaped to report and collect the devices and explosives he needed from Skylord, he had now returned to arrange a mass breakout. Once the city was over-run, Skylord would descend with his army of robots to save the day

And once in place in Birmingham, the U.K. and the world were his next targets.

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