[Traveller] GM chatter


The Guvnor
Staff member
I am running my Drinax game at the table. It's going fine but as a GM it's very taxing reading\absorbing and synthesising the huge amount of stuff published. It's all very good and I think the players are getting a good time at the table but sometimes my head is spinning.

The spaceship combat rules for MgT2e are fine at the 1-2 ships per side level, but get 5 on each side and all the dice rolling grinds it down. Yet, we are only talking 200-1600dt ships so one can't switch to High Guard.

Fortunately my friend Duncan and I have been removing most of the dice rolling, but it only speeds it up so far. We also looked at the Cepheus Deluxe starship combat with regard to positions at opposed to the star chart we are using from High Guard. It's unlikely to speed it any further so we will stay with that, movements are not that much of a problem.