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The latest doughnut of games

Have started slowly, Revelation helped my game count for the year considerably. The mix looks very different at the moment with a single D&D5e game (today) as I returned to Curse of Strahd after a couple of months hiatus (thanks to OGL casting a shadow and some work and life complications). We're very close to the end now.

My most played game remains the Yellow King, but City of Mist is close behind. Just under half the games have been face to face. I expect that we will have another few sessions of Strahd, and then D&D5e will fade away for a while, but Trail of Cthulhu will reappear as Eternal Lies is restarting this month.

I've a few sessions of Graham's Heroic Fantasy 2nd edition Playtest to do as well, which should be fun.

The next big question for me is what will I replace the tent pole in my gaming that Strahd has been with. I suspect that it may be a shorter form campaign, but what exactly I'm not sure.

8th March 2023

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