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Most of my TTRPG social media activity these days is over on Mastodon, the Fediverse twitter clone. I can be followed at –

I joined in 2018, when it was real quiet, but over the last two years it’s steadily grown, and I’m getting a fairly steady stream of TTRPG news and chat.

If you’re joining Mastodon for TTRPG purposes, I’d recommend the server to start out with.

Recently, WordPress added the feature to allow you to follow WordPress blogs on Mastodon, or other Fediverse services.

To follow this blog on Mastodon – just enter into whatever Mastodon front end you use. You should get all of my posts in your feed.


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I have literally just seen someone asking is there blogging kit that lets you blog directly into the fediverse - is that something wordpress enables now?