Favourite freeforming moments

Here are some of my favourite freeforming moments. I have so many, these are but a selection. And in no particular order.

Sharpe and Sensibility (2010): I played the prime minister, but my most treasured memory is trying (and failing) to manage my headstrong daughter (Penny N) and her various friends.

Lullaby of Broadway: All that Jazz (2012) – playing two characters (Riff Zidler and Joe Hardy) was so much fun – I was so busy! So I played two characters in Lullaby of Broadway: Into the Woods (2015) as well – Aimable Baker and Lionel and had even more fun in that one.

Café Casablanca (2014): As a GM, running the harbour and helping the players with their ridiculous plans.

Smoke and Mirrors (Peaky 2022): Whispering advice into Nick C’s ear while he was negotiating. (And Graham A’s complaint that his advisor wasn’t advising him!)

Shogun (2018): Acting in a kabuki play. I never do performances – but I loved it!

Torch of Freedom
(2002): My only American freeform. I played the banker, Hoffman, and made myself so hated that when the revolution came, the rabble came straight for me.

Tutankhamun: Evil Under the Egyptian Sun (2020): Making wonderful, hilarious silent movies as Rudolph Valentino. I made three movies and my character fell in love with Penny N’s character in each.

The Rosie Lee (Peaky 2001): The very first game written and played at the very first Peaky. And I had a blast!

Arabian Nights (1998): Playing Sinbad and finding (with Nick B) an erotic statue which we later presented to the sultan (Graham A).

Café Casablanca (1995): My first weekend freeform where I made many new friends. I joined the French resistance, and we were hopeless – completely outclassed by the Germans.

Tutankhamun: Evil Under the Egyptian Sun (2020): Being shot in the back as I tried to escape like the villain I was (as Rudolph Valentino). My wife (Nickey B) was one of those shooting!

Arabian Nights (1998): Getting lost in the formidable tape maze.

A Sisterly Soiree (2023): Becoming field marshall and marrying the lovely Heidi Bonnet.

Lullaby of Broadway: All that Jazz (2012): Taking Graham A and Danielle D to the opera at the same time as two different characters. (This is the only freeform where I kissed another player.)

Lullaby of Broadway: All that Jazz (2012): Romancing Sandy (Danielle D) as the wholly inappropriate Riff Zidler. But eventually, she dumped me and fell for Danny Zuko instead.

Best of the Wurst (2007): Playing a vampire with a bratwurst craving.

The Village (Peaky 2005): Realising towards the end of the game that we were monsters.

Lots of freeforms: Making so many good friends and creating wonderful stories together.

I have no doubt forgotten many, many more.

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The Guvnor
Staff member
Would you be able to suggest a place to find out about forthcoming freeform games?
We don't really know enough about when/where/how here..
Easiest way to dip your toe into the world of freeforms is to sign up to a freeform at a convention like Continuum. I know there's a freeform track at Continuum this year (I don't think I can make it, alas). However, I recommend signing up early, as they sell out.

There's also a Bristol Freeform Games Day planned for the summer (no date yet - keep an eye here: https://bristol.freeforming.uk/) (If

As for staying in touch, there's a uk-freeform FB group and mailing list. I post on both. (There are other more larp-y FB groups, but freeform larps is definitely a niche of larp.)

Or if you've got some (10+ ideally) eager players and are within striking distance of Wetherby, I'd happily run one.