[Traveller] Epilogue


The Guvnor
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Epilogue - Archer
by Jez who played Archer

Archer sits alone at a huge conference table, looking out an ornate window into space, the sound of gunfire in the corridors around the conference room. Archer reflects on his journey to get here…..

In 1107 Archer makes it clear that the Deal is not something he agrees with, the notion of Drinax as a sacrificial shield for the Imperium is detestable, and yet grudgingly, he accepts as it gives Drinax the best chance for building some fighting power to protect the unaligned worlds of the Trojan Reaches. In reality another plan is afoot.

Soon after the Deal, the crew of the DB take control of Drinax, Archer rejects the role of King. As Governor General Archer sets about righting some wrongs, Arunisiir is eventually made peaceful and the viscous clans of Oghma are brought down. For thirteen years Archer and the crew of the DB helps build trade and a strong military for Drinax. Drinax expands.

The Drinax Clan is seen a clan closely affiliated with the New Dawn movement, and as the Drinax Confederation it’s seen as a strong trading and defensive bloc to Humaniti.

Archer works on using the GeDeCo deal to grow a navy, this is done on the face of it to protect trade routes. GeDeCo assumes this impressive force will someday fight for the Imperium, but when the Aslan expansion comes, that military strength isn't used to fight the Aslan, instead they go through and around Drinax space. By the time GeDeCo realise it, its too late, the Drinax Clan are the New Dawns most reliable custodians of trade. Not a shield at all, the Drinax Confederation simply stands aside to let the Aslan through….

After contemplating, Archer gets up from the table, looks over over at the bodies of the three GeDeCo executives recently executed slumped in their chairs, and looks out of the window as the standard of Drinax is raised over Vorito Station.