Electronic Games - What have you played recently?

Any other Total War fans here? I have spent far too much of my life on the historical ones. Currently playing Thrones of Brittannia with Mercia - the most difficult kingdom to win with for me due to being surrounded on all sides and with Wessex having unreasonable expectations of your relationship.
Playing Conan Exiles at the moment on my PS4. I am enjoying it with the exploring of the World. I play Solo mode at moment.

The Base building aspect is one of the best I have have so far in a game. Admittedly I have not played Ark or Rust yet to compare.


Rune Priest
Finished the Geneforge Saga with Geneforge 5: Overthrow. I swear I remember writing the review, but obviously didn't click Post for some reason.

Anyway, this is probably the best of the 5 games - the graphics have been improved, you can play in a window instead of always being in full-screen, and the world background of the different races is improved (the serviles are now more oppressed peasantry). The game is very sandbox - you can choose 5 different patrons/factions each with different outcomes. There are 3 Shaper factions, the Trackovite faction, and the rebels.

You start as an amnesiac working for Shaper Rawal who has a control pod implanted in your chest. He's a typical shaper, but is only in the game for what he can get out of it - power and influence, basically. In your journeys, you meet the following factions:
  • Astoria - Shaper moderate. She favours making an accommodation with the rebels.
  • Alwan - Shaper loyalist. He won't rest until the rebels are crushed.
  • Taygen - Shaper fanatic. Believes all serviles and creations need to be exterminated so the Shapers can start over with better control.
  • Litalia - leader of the anti-shaping Trackovites. They believe shaping to be evil; they allow breeding creations but not other types of creations that are not self-fertile.
  • Ghaldring - the drakon (a type of creation), the leader of the rebellion. They want the Shapers crushed so the drakons can take their place.
Your goal is to get out from under Rawal's thumb, and you need to make a powerful alliance to do so. I allied with Astoria in the end and got the control pod removed; Taygen was far too unpleasant, and Alwan and Ghaldring too extreme. Litalia and the Trackovites came across as impractical.

It was worth playing through in the end; there were some annoyances in that the world map was split between north and south sheets, and the only way to travel between the 2 was via some mountain passes. It was similar to the Geneforge 4 map, but at least was better than the Geneforge 3 map which was separate islands and you had to travel intervening islands to get to an earlier one. The other improvement was an enchanted anvil (for player crafting) in each area. This meant you could enhance equipment from the start like you could in GF3 (where enhancements started). GF 4 only had 2 anvils in the game.

Recommended, but be advised the serviles in the game come across as chattel slaves in Antebellum America, which leaves rather a nasty taste (especially in GF3 where that are only 2 factions available). I'll be interested when the remake of GF1 is released (soon now); I was a KS backer for it. I hope this aspect has been toned down considerably. Otherwise, I'll move onto The Banner Saga; my intention of finally completing Nethergate (a Romans vs Celts Spiderweb game) was stymied because it won't run on the MacBook - I will have to use the old iMac to play it, and that will probably necessitate rolling back to a Rosetta-compatible version of the OS.


Rune Priest
Actually managed to get the demo of Nethergate: Resurrection working - you have to run it through a Terminal window. Whether my original key works or not I don't know; I may not still have it (I'll have to dig around in Eudora), and my old CD-ROMs got booted into the attic when we had to clear the spare room in a hurry 3 weeks ago (Paul's Mum smashed her wrist and has ended up moving in).

Oy vey, graphics and gameplay is crude compared to even Geneforge 1! It's about playable though; I'll see how far I get with it. IIRC, the original Nethergate is older than GF1, and Resurrection was an updated version of about the same vintage. I think it originally used the Exile game engine.
At the moment I'm brightening up my daily walks with Pokemon Go, which my daughters persuaded me to take up.

I keep meaning to finish the second of the new Tomb Raider trilogy, but I'm struggling to find the time. It doesn't help that it's intended for people with better hand-eye coordination than me. :)