[watching] Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves (Movie)


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This whole niche has had some dreadful films, some of which are so bad as to be good.

By the way OWLBEAR LOVE!

Whimsy is good as well, I have high hopes and I won't care to much if it doesn't quite meet them.

Good thing about D&D, no canon preserved in aspic, just cool familiar monsters.. and lutes..
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Let us be brutally honest.
That trailer looks like so much fan service.

Hell, yeah! Onboard all the way. That owlbear shape shifting was just epic.

And, yes, irrelevant if it bombs at the box office. I collect many cool movies that bomb.


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Taking to friends in green room last night and we kind of agreed that iconic uniquely D&D monsters is kind of what makes D&D.. well D&D.. the whimsy reminds me of a heist movie and also many an RPG session, and the cast could be good to great.

I was wrong about canon it seems.

Obviously the follow question re the OWLBEAR change is "which edition?" (A deliberate red herring since the answer could be anything from player-DM agreement in character gen as a unique character background to "a magic item" or 8th edition to its actually a 13th Age campaign and it's her One True Thing...


The Guvnor
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I can't believe I'm even posting this, but 13th Age druids can Owlbear Aspect from 1st level she doesn't even need a OUT. #thebestDnDversion
I just knew it! It's a Tweet & Heinsoo production. Maybe her OUT is that she is the only one who can do it.. thus deceiving the muggles.
Hey ... it looks like fun and after a load of super-serious, dark gritty stuff, maybe a true escapist film might be just the thing.

"Onwards friends to more and better loot!"