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So being ignorant of the history of this Swedish Masterpiece, I thought to start a thread to get more enlightened by those already have their ducks in a row.

Please feel free to share your views on the love of Drakar och Demoner for the firstborn collectors (and Trudvang for us late comers to the world).

Firstly, I am guessing "Drakar och Demoner" is the Swedish equivalent of the American "Dungeons and Dragons" classic brand for role playing games.
Using Google translate to confirm my insights "Draka" is dragon and "demone" is demon,

Then I visited Wikipedia and to my surprise, Elric of Melnibone adorned a cover of the 4th Edition of this Drakar och Demoner.
And following these threads within threads. I learned that the first edition was a RuneQuest rules based role playing game.

In 2006, the publisher, RiotMinds produced a 7th edition called "Drakar och Demoner Trudvang". Bingo! We have Trudvang linked now.
Then in 2015-2016, RiotMinds launched a Kickstarter to re-release the 1987 edition (now I am confused, why go backwards) called Trudvang Chronicles.

Now, yours truly, only got involved in 2020 with this Trudvang thing during the Kickstarter of Trudvang Adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Sadly, RiotMinds divested itself of both Trudvang Chronicles to CMON and Drakar och Demoner to Free League in 2022.

Free League recently launched a Kickstarter in 2022, that took off like wildfire, and brought along those anthropomorphic ducks.
But my Trudvang Adventures never had even a scent of a duck nor any discernable quacking sounds recorded on paper. What gives?

But seeing this historic association of Trudvang with Drakar och Demoner, I am going to re-collect Trudvang Adventures
Yes, I know, that is far from the original that Trudvang Chronicles offers, but I need to take some liberties to justify the cost.

Hold up, then there is Ruinmasters which is the English translation for Drakar och Demoner. Now I am thoroughly confused.

And by the same publisher RiotMinds. Then what the Hell is Trudvang supposed to be?

The rules seem simple enough, so should I consider trying to get the last copies now that RiotMinds sold this one out too?

The game rules have their roots in the old-style Basic Role-play system, now with four characteristics (Physique, Mind, Intelligence and Charisma): each with a value ranging between 3 and 30 (3d10). There are also six broad skills (Combat, Outdoor, Knowledge, Magic, Burgling and Social), with a value between 1 and 100% (d100) and an easy-to-learn combat system with actions (Offensive, Neutral or Defensive) including attacks and parrying.
I am also starting to feel concerned about RiotMinds. From their current website (retrieved this autumn equinox), their award winning RPG properties have almost all been sold off (those listed below anyway) And after 21 plus years in business they are staring fresh with Kensei. Why?

I picked up Destination Venus - a war game set in the Dr Grogbort universe and what I saw of the setting convinced me that it didn’t do anything that the Space 1889 books I already have are covering. Except, they probably did it in a more genteel way.
My thoughts too. Its main selling point being just 5e. So for groups like ny hometown group that is 5e addicted and needs a gateway to ease them into Space 1889 Ubiquity.

Regarding Drakar och Demoner, now that I know itts children include Trudvang abd RuinMasters, I am keeping my Seed of Vanirs and pulling back from sale my other Trudvang books and buying the one sold already (Heroes book).

I always want a little piece of the classics, but obviously, playable by those around ne, so sometimes I pick the next besr thing if I cannot use the originals.

Old School Essentials is the very vest of the alternatives thar I got for classic D&D.

Trudvang Adventures is a poorer choice but I nissed out on Trudvang Chronicles end-of-line sale. I luckily got all the published Shadows of Esteren for 100 quid free shipping.

Also, I have a 20 ti 25 year Campaign Play plan unfolding and, thus, limited to game engines I can fit in with home groups, convention one-shots, family and ny own mental capacity to keep rules and lore sharp in mind.

Another thought about One D&D, there are tons of pre-existing 5e Grognardia Kickstarters (including Dr. Grogbort) that the ground is fully saturated already and One D&D risks rebellious edition war if it strays too far from compatibility. A victim of its own success.


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There seems to be a whole family of variants of BRP in Sweden, which are current, and yet I think they were all published sequentially originally.
I'm a bit wary of the action economy in DoD, specifically the one action per turn, parry or strike.. Knowing my players, no-one will want to parry and it's all going to get a bit one-dimensional, so I may be looking for some house rules.
Interesting to see that the classic Basic Role Playing game engine spawned a lot of RPGs across Europe, especially Sweden, much more than old-school D&D did, especially pre-d20 glut and before the current preponderance of 5e conversions we are see on Kickstarter nowadays.

I have been taking stock of my own collection, and to be honest, this "golden age of role playing" is producing more games than we can play in our lifetimes. It is at such introspective moments that Marie Kondo's wisdom takes hold of me, and I say no to the many beautiful projects I see.


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I think shorter rounds with one action per turn isn't that unusual in the RPG sphere. It just needs a mental switch to get used to. Imagine D&D 5E where you have an action and a move (not going into reactions, bonus actions, or free actions). Just split the round in half, and in each half you decide whether to act or move. I quite like these sorts of games because they give you the choice. It takes some getting used to if you're unfamiliar, but players soon work out when it's appropriate to parry or attack or dodge or move or whatnot.
The difference here is that parry is a whole action, whereas in D&D it's folded into your AC and so effectively free. Most players (rightly in my view) conclude that the best strategy is to attack because parrying does no damage and isn't even guaranteed to save you. Now I know there's this business of swapping initiative order and potentially someone gets to be the punch bag absorbing hits while the others do their strikes, but I don't think my players will enjoy that role much. And when enemies outnumber the PCs.. well, I have bad memories of the old 'stunned loop' in d6 Star Wars, which caused a mutiny in my group back then..


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I was just using D&D as an off-the-cuff example, the principle also applies when you have attack/parry systems. IIRC Blake's 7 does this. Back in the halcyon days of RQ3 we dispensed with rounds altogether and just used cumulative strike ranks, which in effect led to this sort of play where you just decided on an action when your turn came. If you parried you would reset, your next attack delayed to your SR counting from that point.

What I'm saying is that, while it seems counter-intuitive coming at it from a BRP perspective, it's just another method for dividing up combat into gameable chunks. I'll wait until I try it out at Furnace before making my final judgement, of course.