Dark Sun for Sword of Cepheus: Part VII – Weapons of Athas



The following are some custom weapons for the Dark Sun setting, converted to Sword of Cepheus. The weapons mostly come from The Complete Gladiator’s Handbook. This is part of my ongoing series converting the AD&D Dark Sun setting to the Sword of Cepheus RPG.

A lot of the ideas for the rules come from Zozer Games’ Low Tech Weapons – A nice collection of hand weapons for Cepheus Engine/Traveller.

Gladiator Weapons

Some of the following weapons are quite powerful. GMs may want to limit their use to those who have had a Gladiator career or have a Melee Combat of at least 2.


A rope with a 4-bladed grappling hook that can snare and damage targets. If an attack by such a weapon is successful, the target must make an DEX 6+ (Average) roll or be entangled. While entangled, the target has a DM -2 for all rolls. The target can make a another DEX 6+ roll at the top of each round to escape.
Cost: 9gp Damage:1D Aspects: Entangle


Mekillot bone attached to a jozhal jawbone making a double-bladed bone axe.
Cost: 8gp Damage:3D


A basket(cestum) worn on the arm that is used to propel spheres(pelota) at targets.
Cost: 2gp Damage: by pelota type

Pelota TypeCostDamage
Fire50sp1D & Target must roll DEX 8+ to avoid catching on fire
PoisonVariesBy poison type
Agony Beetle5gpTarget throws END 8+ to avoid being incapacitated by pain. Target cannot remove beetle without help.
Double-Bladed Spear

If user has melee combat level of least 2, they can attack twice with this weapon in a action with a DM-1 damage roll
Cost: 2gp Damage: 2D Aspects: Bulky, Reach, Two Handed.

Forearm Axe

A double-bladed axe with a spike in the center worn like a buckler on the forearm. The attacker can choose to hit with the axe or the spike. Can be used as a shield if a two handed weapon is not being used (DM-2 to opponents). Cannot be used to shield bash. The spike can be poisoned.
Cost: 1gp Damage: 3D (axe)/ 2D (spike) Aspects: Shield


Long shaft with crescent blade on each end. Effective Parrying weapon (DM -1 to melee attacks)
Cost: 15gp Damage: 3D Aspects: Bulky, Reach, Two-Handed


Punching and parrying dagger. Designed to trap an opponent’s blade. If an opponent attacks and misses with a melee weapon, the puchik wielder can roll Melee Combat 8+ to pin the weapon. The weapon cannot be used until the attacker makes an opposed STR throw. A puchik cannot be thrown.
Cost: 6gp Damage: 2D Aspects: Trap

Singing Sticks

Light wooden sticks, usually used in pairs. If a user has Melee Combat 2 or higher they can attack twice in one action without penalty, if using both sticks.
Cost: 6gp Damage: 1D

Talid (Gladiator’s Gauntlet)

A spiked gauntlet
Cost: 4gp Damage: 1D


A pole arm with one weighted end and one end with three blades. A skilled (Melee Combat 2+) user can hook a target. The target must make a STR 6+ roll to avoid being tripped.
Cost: 12gp Damage: 4D Aspects: Bulky, Reach, Two-Handed, Hook

Other Weapons of Athas

These are found in the Dark Sun Rules Book


Thri-Kreen throwing weapon. It’s a wedge of crystal that returns like a boomerang. GMs may limit its use to Thri-Kreen
Cost: 10cp Damage: 4D Aspects: Boomerang


Thri-Kreen bladed polearm
Cost: 6cp Damage: 4D Aspects: Bulky, Reach, Two-Handed


War fork for arena combat
Cost: 4cp Damage: 3D Aspects: Bulky, Reach, Two-Handed


Nearly useless bone weapons. Used in arena combat.
Cost: 1cp Damage: 1D

Wrist Razor

Three 6-inch blades mounted on a wrist band.
Cost: 1sp Damage: 2D

Complete Weapon List

Double-Bladed Spear2gp2DBulky, Reach, Two Handed
Forearm Axe1gp3D/2DShield
Gythka6cp4DBulky, Reach, Two-Handed
Impaler4cp3DBulky, Reach, Two-Handed
Lotulis15gp3DBulky, Reach, Two-Handed
Singing Sticks6gp1D
Trikal12gp4DBulky, Reach, Two-Handed, Hook
Wrist Razor1sp2D

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